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February 5, 2021

Pinkham staff, students and parents involved in the EYE Program spendt the day at Fort Whyte on May 10, 2013. Seven of the eight families attended the field trip. The morning was a self guided tour of the facility, where everyone walked all together through the trails. They saw geese, ducks, red winged black birds, orange crowned warblers, deer and chickadees. Walking on the floating bridge was quite a challenge, but the children giggled as the water spilled over the walkway. For lunch, they all gathered in the meeting area for a BBQ. After lunch was over, they split up into 2 groups and provided with a guide from Fort Whyte. The guide took them on a exploration walk where they searched for signs of spring in nature. Nests, woodpecker holes, dens, birds, migration, bark, buds and wild life were highlighted and the children were encouraged to participate. It was a great field trip to practice their spring vocabulary and join new words to real life examples.

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