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Winnipeg Police School Resource Officer

February 5, 2021

Constable Dave is a member of the ​Winnipeg Police Service and is available in our school to help build strong relationships with area youth, schools and communities. Constable Dave supports Pinkham families and our community by:

  • Participating in HOLD AND SECURE and LOCK DOWN rehearsals
  • Participating in school events
  • Engaging in class visits and informal lectures
  • Supporting school patrol programs
  • Being available for students, parents, and caregivers to answer questions/give advice
  • Investigating minor incidents
  • Assisting and following up on major incidents
  • Keeping schools informed of community/police matters within the community
  • Contacting the school to activate LOCK-OUT based on nearby threats
  • Participating in resolving school and community issues
Thank you Constable Dave for your continued support
Val and Garnie.jpg
Constable Garnie McIntyre and Pinkham School Principal Ms. Mowez

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