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Recovery Learning - C. Schwartz / C. Forest

September 29, 2022

When students experience difficulty in learning, the process to “catch up” to their peers is called “Recovery Learning”.  Students often experience this due to circumstances outside of their control.  Since COVID struck, the number of students experiencing interruptions to learning has increased significantly.  To respond to this need, we have three staff members who have been assigned to specific classrooms to assist students.

As Recovery Learning teachers, our task is to assist the classroom teacher with the process of ensuring students get the additional instruction they need to continue their learning journey.  We have experience with assisting learners of all ages in Reading, Mathematics, and other subjects as required.

Mrs. Schwartz will be assisting students in rooms 13, 7, 8, 15 and 19.

Mrs. Forest will be assisting students in room 11, 12, and 4.


Literacy and Numeracy Support Teacher

Mrs. C. Schwartz

It is my privilege to work with many wonderful children at Principal Sparling School. I provide additional support to students needing intervention in reading, writing, or math as identified by their classroom teacher. Students receive extensive literacy and/or numeracy opportunities where instruction is direct and targeted to meet individual needs. Assessment is ongoing as students develop their skills and understanding and reflect on their learning. As students progress and meet challenges, next steps are determined. The time frame for intervention is varied and based on student need.

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