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World of Work Centre

February 4, 2021

The World of Work Centre (A.K.A "WOW" Centre) in Room 111 provides resources to help students with the transition between school and work. Whether you're looking for a part-time or summer job, volunteer and extra-curricular experience, or want to help your dream of going to college or university come true, we can help! Come to the Centre to write a resume, fill out applications, or find out what kind of career path would best suit you. 
The WOW Centre has one Career Counsellor and one Career Advisor/Intern to assist students in finding success in the World of Work. Our Career Counsellor assists with practicum placements for our Pre-Industry Training students - they are also who you go to in order to receive Volunteer, Career Development, and Employment Credits. They can also assist with information on apprenticeship and vocational courses. Our Career Advisor is here to work with you one-on-one to explore your options! 
Career Intern Infographic.png
Past Events & Activities:

  • Annual R.B. Russell Opportunities Fair

  • Social Insurance Number Clinics

  • Portfolio Interviews (Grade 12 and Adult Students)

  • Rotary Career Symposium

  • Post-Secondary Open House Field Trips

  • Post-Secondary Tours

  • Construction Expo Field Trip

Current Events & Activities: 

  • Virtual Presentations/Tours

  • In-Person Presentations & Workshops

  • Safe Work Course Certification (WHMIS, Mental Health Strategies, etc.)

  • ID Workshops (SIN, MPI Photo ID, Birth Certificate, etc.)

Available Credits (see Career Counsellor for more info):

  • Career Development - 4 Credits, Grade 9-12

  • Volunteer - 1 Credit

  • Employment - 2 Credits, Grade 11 & 12

Resume Template: icdocx.pngRBR Resume Template.docx
Resume PowerPoint: icpptx.pngRBR Resume PWP.pptx

Cover Letter Template: icdocx.pngRBR Cover Letter Template.docx
Cover Letter PowerPoint: icpptx.pngRBR Cover Letter PWP.pptx

Interview Questions: icdoc.pngRBR Interview Questions.doc


  • Log-in using your student e-mail and password. 

  • MyBlueprint is a career tool used for future planning and goal setting. The website offers resources on careers, post-secondary options and self-reflection through personalized surveys and occupational compatibility results. 

Links to Helpful Websites (Click on the links below to access the pages):

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