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School Closure Information

February 5, 2021

***NEW*** Information below is accurate as of 2:20 PM, March 31, 2020

Provincial Government Announcement 

Today the Provincial Government extended the suspension of class "indefinitely". You will see information below that is being shared to all families by the Winnipeg School Division. More information will follow at the end of Spring Break. Please be assured that the staff of RB Russell will always do what it can to provide the best educational experience for our students. Regardless of the delivery method in the coming months, we will continue to strive to reach that goal.  
"Classes Suspended Indefinitely
The Province of Manitoba announced today that the current class suspension is now extended indefinitely. Should a change in the COVID-19 pandemic situation occur prior to the end of this school year, the suspension may be lifted. We have shared the full news release for you on planning.

Home learning will continue for students and Winnipeg School Division is continuing to support our teachers and schools in providing materials for parents and students to complete at home, starting again next week after Spring Break. Report cards will also be completed for the year, however the lowest grade your child will receive is what they had in each subject on the last day before the class suspension began, March 20, 2020. Students can continue to improve their final grades by completing home-learning assignments and participating in the home-learning lessons. Your school will be in contact with you following Spring Break with more information about home-learning packages for your children.

Grade 12 Provincial Exams have been cancelled and at this time, graduation ceremonies are on hold while the Province continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. We sincerely hope that graduating students will have an opportunity in the near future to celebrate their accomplishments and WSD will support those efforts when the time comes.

Please note that all school field trips and events scheduled to the end of the school year have been cancelled."

The Province of Manitoba has announced an indefinite school suspension in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic that will begin on March 23, 2020.  

At this time, we at RB Russell are asking that all students sign into to their school emails and send a confirmation email to Randy Strewchuk at The email is going to be one of the ways that the school is going to be passing along information to students during this time away. 

Also, each teacher in the school has set up a Google Classroom for each of the courses that they teach. Please log on to the Google Classroom page using your school email address and password and accept the invite to access all the content that your teachers will be posting. 

During this time away, it is your responsibility to keep checking your email and Google Classroom for updates in regards to this situation. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the school's office at (204) 589-5301 and they will be happy to answer your questions or direct you to a place where you can get your questions answered. 

For more information please click here to access the Winnipeg School Division's page where all the information regarding the school suspension or what we know about the pandemic can be found.  ​

The following links are to information in regards to accessing food during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Food Access and COVID 19.pdf

COVID-19-How to Access Food.pdf

The following links are from the guidance department. These links are two lists to various support contacts that you may need to access during the time away from the school. 

Online and phone psychological services in Winnipeg.pdf

Contact Card.jpg

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