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Applied Commerce Education

February 4, 2021

Applied Commerce Education consists of an optional cluster for students interested in pursuing a career in a commerce related field such as entrepreneurship, business, marketing, technology or finance. Within these courses, students will learn software applications, keyboarding and desktop publishing. In addition, essential business topics are explored. The school store, "The Eagles' Nest" is an integral part of the program. Students are expected to participate in the operation and management of the store during class times, morning/afternoon breaks and lunch hour. 

Courses within the Applied Commerce Education are unique in that students may take courses as an option and may elect to take only one or two of the courses. Courses may vary each school year. Please enquire with your guidance counsellor or the Applied Commerce teacher for current course availability. The following courses are stand alone, and do not have any prerequisites. 

Business Communications 30S/Applied Business Technologies 40S (1 Credit)

Business communications and applied business technologies focus on essential communication skills and techniques. Students explore how software applications are used in business, such as spreadsheets, databases, and word processing and communication packages. Students use software to customize, edit and manage business documents, while completing a variety of hands-on projects and activities to develop computer and business skills relevant for today's world of work. 

Creative Promotions 20S/Retailing Perspectives 30S (1 Credit)

Creative promotions and retailing perspectives introduce the skills and practices required in job-entry level positions in retail merchandising. They are appropriate to a wide range of abilities, and are useful as an overview of marketing for all interested students. These courses will prepare students seeking part-time and full-time retail employment. Students will learn first hand the operations of a retail store by participating in the operation of the Eagles' Nest Store. Students will be expected to work in the school store during the morning and afternoon breaks and during the lunch hour. 

Marketing and Digital Commerce 40S (1 Credit)

Marketing and Digital Commerce helps students develop an understanding of marketing activities from both a theoretical and practical approach. Students will apply marketing concepts, principles and strategies. Students will apply these concepts and their own creativity through hands-on application and creation of a marketing plan in relation to the school store and various school events. 

Entrepreneurship 20S/Venture Development 30S (1 Credit)

These entrepreneurship courses focuses on developing the skills and ideas needed to plan and develop a business. Students focus on planning, creating, implementing and growing their own business venture within the school. This will include learning the steps for the future-seeing an opportunity; creating an idea to meet that opportunity; researching the idea; developing a plan and implementing the plan. Participation in the school store may be required. 

Business Management 40S

Business management focuses on developing skills in planning, leading, organizing, controlling and staffing. Students will practice and develop their leadership, communication, business and other employability skills to broaden their knowledge and skills in management while working in the school store. Students will be expected to work in the school store during the morning and afternoon breaks and during the lunch hour.  

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