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Plumbing and Pipe Trades

February 4, 2021

*Plumbing and Pipe Trades is an off-campus pre-apprenticeship program offered by the Winnipeg School Division and hosted at R.B. Russell Vocational High School.  

​Individuals working in the piping trades play an important role in our economy and society. These individuals have an interest in construction, enjoy performing math calculations, working with their hands and performing a wide variety of tasks with construction tools and equipment. They are able to understand and follow detailed blue prints and documents along with visualizing complex piping systems. 

The Winnipeg School Division is offering this program in partnership with the Piping Industry Technical College. 

The Plumbing and Pipe Trades program offers the skills, theory and experience needed to start a pipe trades apprenticeship. The pipe trades include plumbing, steam fitting, gas fitting, sprinkler fitting and HVAC. 

This Off-Campus Pre-Apprenticeship program provides its students with both the skills and work experience necessary to gain employment in a high demand and well paying skilled trade. 

The program consists of two full-time semesters of course work. Starting in February, students will attend classes located at Manitoba's Piping Industry Technical College located at 34 Higgins Avenue. Students will also spend several weeks performing on the job training with a plumbing and pipe trades company. Both semesters combine classroom instruction and practical lab training. 

Upon completion of the program, students will have earned the following eight vocational credits: 

  • Introduction to Plumbing and Pipe Trades 20S
  • Introduction to Piping Systems & Theories 30S
  • Installation of Plumbing & Pipe Systems I 30S
  • Installation of Plumbing & Pipe Systems II 30S
  • Sanitary Venting Systems 40S
  • Sanitary Draining Systems 40S
    Installation of Plumbing and Pipe Systems III 40S
  • Applied Plumbing & Pipe Systems 40S
Requirements to enter the Plumbing and Pipe Trades Program include: 
  • Currently enrolled in grade 11 or 12 in a Winnipeg School Division school. 
  • Strong desire to learn and work in the pipe trades. 
  • Completion of an Off-Campus Pre-Apprenticeship application
  • Participation in an interview
Students who have recently graduated from a Winnipeg School Division high school can submit an application. A registration fee may apply. 

Would like more information about the program? Contact the instructor:  
Instructor: Christina Thiessen
Telephone: (204) 801-5927

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