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Principal's Message

December 16, 2021

                                                                                              June 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is hard to believe another year has come and gone - and what a year it has been! This past school year has been a very busy, surreal and at times challenging year of learning at École Sacré-Cœur. Together, we have overcome the challenges of remote learning and successfully completed our school year. It seems we were just welcoming staff and students to school in the fall and now it is sadly the time to bid adieu to some of our students and a few of our staff who will not be returning to our family in September. 

To all our families and students who are moving: we will miss you! Wishing you much happiness and success in your future endeavors. Good luck to all our Grade 8 students as you embark on your next educational journey. It will be a very exciting time for you. Believe in yourself – and remember that so many others believe in you as well. Wishing each one of you many successes as you head off to your new schools in September. 

Please join us in saying merci, congratulations, and farewell to M. Jerema, who will be Principal of an elementary school in Morden, Mme Dupont, who is retiring after many years of service and dedication to our students and school community, Mme Normandeau, who has accepted the position of Reading Clinician Associate with the WSD, Mme Iwanicki, who will be the Phys. Ed specialist at the new WSD school Waterford Green and M. Sneesby, who will continue to be a guest teacher in our division. Merci! Thank you for your enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication to our students, our families, and school community. You will all be dearly missed! Enjoy the new adventures and journeys that await you. Remember that every day ends and brings a new tomorrow full of promise and exciting new experiences. 

Please join me in welcoming Mme Dias-Acquisto who will be returning to ÉSC as our Vice-Principal in the fall. She brings with her a great deal of knowledge, expertise, and experience as a leader. We look forward to welcoming her back. For those of you who do not know Mme Dias-Acquisto, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself when you see her in the school yard in the fall.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful, safe, and healthy summer holiday! I look forward to welcoming your child(ren) back to school in the fall; we have missed them!

Bonnes vacances! Take care! Be well!


Mme L. Calvez, Principal


                     "Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving

                your community and world better than you found it."

             – Marian Wright Edalman


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