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English 40s Trans

 Students will do an in-depth study of different forms of writing, exploring the differences between them through reading, writing, and analysis.  Students will engage in the writing process, learning how to revise and edit their work according to the conventions of a particular form or genre of writing.  Students have the opportunity to choose forms of writing that are relevant to their career or school path after high school, in order to prepare for the world of work, college, or university. They will also read novels of their choice in class and respond to these novels with thoughts, questions, and analysis in an ongoing dialogue with their teacher.  Students are required to write the provincial ELA standards test, which is worth 30% of their grade.

So what does this mean?

Start of class activators give students the opportunity to respond to a question, quote, or inspirational message and engage them in topics that are of interest to them right off the bat.

Moving forward, students will not only be reading great novels in our ever expanding classroom library, they will also be exploring different forms of writing such as full feature articles, editorials, memoirs, book and film reviews.

In addition, students have the opportunity to find articles and topics of interest to them as individuals and as a whole  on topics about nearly everything under the sun. Students are always encouraged to express their opinions on the ideas and their wide-ranging points of view make for very interesting discussions!

We also create advertisements, research contemporary issues and take numerous field trips that the students write written responses to.



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