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Policies & Procedures

Bell Schedule
8:45 a.m.                     Adult/patrols on Duty        
 8:55 a.m.                     Students come in 
 9:00                             Morning announcements
 10:35-10:50 a.m.         Morning recess
 11:30 a.m.                   N/K dismissal
 11:55 a.m.                   Patrols on duty
 12:00 noon                  Gr. 1-6 dismissal for lunch
 12:45 p.m.                   Patrols on duty
 12:55 p.m.                   Students come in
 2:35-2:50 p.m.             Afternoon recess
 3:25 p.m.                     Patrols on duty
 3:30 p.m.                     N-6 dismissal

Birthday Invitations - Families are reminded that birthday invitations are best delivered to party goers in private, away from the school.

Brock Corydon School Phone Book is created every year and is an important tool to help Brock Corydon School families allowing families to communicate, make play dates, and stay connected.

Bulletin Board - There is a bulletin board located outside of the office.  Please feel free to check the community notices, and other information on the board.  If you nee childcare or are interested in providing childcare, please feel free to post your notice on the board.

Bussing - If your child takes the school bus and because of unforeseen circumstances he/she cannot take the bus on any particular day, please call the school preferably before 2:30 p.m., send a note to the classroom teacher or come to the office to let the staff know of the change.  If there is no phone call, note or visit to the office, your child will be placed on the school bus.    

Bus Behaviour - Your school bus driver’s number one interest is your safety.  He or she will ask you to be on your best behaviour.  It is important to listen to your bus driver in case there are any special instructions for your bus ride.  Sit quietly in your seat.  Speak quietly to the other children near you.  Do not jump up and down, fight or tease other passengers or make a lot of noise.  These activities can bother your bus driver and he or she will not be able to give proper attention to driving. 

Call Back System - It is the responsibility of the parent to call the school and inform the office if your child will be absent from school or will arrive late. If we have not heard from you shortly after 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and your child is not in class, the office will call your home, work, or emergency phone number to ensure the safety of your children. All students arriving late to school (after 9:00 a.m. and after 1:00 p.m.) must report to the office. 

Cell Phones at School - The Winnipeg School Division has a policy prohibiting the use of cell phones, personal digital assistants and other multifunctional devices.    The use by students, staff and community members of camera, video, telephone and text messaging is strictly prohibited in all schools unless permission has been granted by the principal.

CGC - Each year, the Child Guidance Clinic provides specialists to Winnipeg School Division schools.  A reading clinician, social worker, speech clinician and psychologist are assigned to each school, for a day or half a day per cycle.  Their purpose is to help students be more successful in school, and they only work with children when school staff recommend it and parents give their permission.

Child Care - From time to time we are asked about child care.  If you or anyone you know offers daily child care or before and after child care in you home, please contact the school.  With your permission, we would be willing to share your information with interested parents.

Children’s Personal Items from Home - Some children are bringing personal items to school such as toys, electronic devices, cd players and trading cards to school to play with at recess times. There have been occasions when some of these personal items have been lost or stolen or arguments have resulted over them. These problems can often interfere with the children’s work and focus in the classrooms even though they occur at recess times.

We are asking you to be aware of what your child is bringing to school and that you discuss whether or not your child should be bringing these personal items, especially valuable and expensive items.

The school will not be responsible for lost, stolen or broken personal toys brought from home. Of course, conflicts over these items will continued to be addressed by either student conflict managers or staff using conflict mediation problem solving strategies.

Fire Drill and Lockdown Practices - Throughout the year our school will practice 10 fire drills.  Five practice drills will occur during the Fall Term and 5 will occur during the Spring Term.  Lockdown practices will occur during the school year to ensure that everyone is aware of the procedures to follow in the event of an unsafe situation.  The children and staff have practices this in the past and are familiar with the procedures.  New and former students will need to practice during the school year.

Hallway Decorum and Morning Announcements - Our wide hallways are extensions of the classrooms where children and adults engage in a variety of activities. Please use quiet voices so as not to interrupt the teaching and learning that is taking place.
The singing of O Canada and morning announcements take place daily at 9:00 a.m.. These opening exercises are an important aspect of school life, providing staff, students and family members with information about the day’s activities.
 Please stop all activities and remain quiet in the school until after the announcements.

Labelling Personal Belongings - please ensure that any belongings that your child brings to school are labelled.  Hopefully this will minimize the chances of things being lost.  Also, parents and/or students may want to check our lost and found from time to time if any items have gone missing. All lost and found items will be given to charity at the end of the school year.

Leaving School at Lunch - safety is paramount during lunch.  If you will be taking your child away from the school during the lunch hour, please call the school or send a note with your child.  We take attendance every lunch hour when we are in the gym and will contact you if your child is missing without notice.

Library - All students are expected to be responsible library users; that is, to return their books on time and in good condition.  In the event that materials are lost or damaged, families are informed of the cost and are requested to pay for replacement.  Parents are welcome to make use of our library. Whether it be to borrow books to enjoy with your children, or a quiet place to wait while you wait for classes to end (as long as  the library is not in use).

Lice in the Classroom - Lice seems to be a part of school life.  We ask that if you notice lice please treat immediately and notify the office.  Your child may return to school after first treatment.

Medication for Students - This is to remind parents that when the school is asked to administer any medication to a child, a letter from a medical doctor must support the request.  A telephone communication from the doctor will suffice, pending the receipt of written verification that can be faxed from the doctor’s office.

The medication must be brought from the home by the parents, guardian, or other reliable adult. The medication container must have the dispensing instructions noted on it and must have the official label of the druggist.  The container should be one for school use—a separate container should be kept at home.  Students with asthma who bring “inhalers” to school will be allowed to carry them with them at all times.  Students requiring epi-pens should be carrying these epi-pens with them at all times.

Newsletter Distribution - The school newsletter comes out at the end of each month and is given to the youngest child in the family.  The newsletter can also be found on the school’s website.

Please take the time to read the newsletter and post the monthly calendar in a highly visible spot in your house.

NO MICROWAVE/KETTLE DAYS.  These dates are usually noted on the monthly school calendar attached to the newsletter.  Do not send lunches that need warming up on these days.  The microwaves are not easily accessible and if we are short staffed there is no one to heat the food.  Good alternatives are sandwiches (with cold packs) or soup or pasta in thermoses.  Please also note that when we are in the gym we do not microwave thermoses or sandwiches.  When lunch is held in the classrooms we do not have access to the microwaves and we do not boil water.  If your child comes to school with microwaveable foods or foods requiring boiled water they will be offered cheese and crackers.  We do not give children food if they don't like their lunches.

Noon Hour Activities - All Grades 1-6 students will be invited to participate in noon hour activities of intramurals, Chess Club, Garden Club, Poetry Book Editors, UNESCO, Student Council, etc.  Students can sign up when teachers ask if they are interested.  The newsletter will help keep parents informed of when these events occur.

Parking, Drop Off and Pick Up - Please ensure the safety of all children by parking on Cordova or Queenston Streets as your drop off and pick up spots.  Patrols will safely cross everyone at the back lanes.

Please adhere to the NO STOPPING zone near the crosswalk on Corydon Ave. The student patrols are trying their best to cross the children, and are prevented from doing so when cars are illegally stopped or parked near the crosswalk.

For the safety of the students and for convenience of the school staff, please avoid using the staff parking lot and the back lanes.  The parking lot is very restrictive and the parking stalls are assigned to staff.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Peanut Allergies at School - There are children in our school who have severe allergies to peanuts and nut products.  Even exposure to a tiny amount of this item could be serious and life-threatening.  We can all play a role in preventing such a dangerous and frightening situation at our school.  Although the students and their families must take responsibility to avoid exposure, staff, other children and their families can also help to make this school environment safe.  We do not restrict peanut butter, peanuts and food containing nut products from school and the lunch program. However we do ask parents to help educate all children about these foods and allergies. If these foods are brought in lunches, children must be responsible not to spread these foods, and to wash their hands thoroughly after eating. Of course, if you are able to find alternatives to peanut butter sandwiches and choose healthy snacks for your children that do not include nut products, that would be the safest way to go for these children. This may be an inconvenience for you, but please realize how important your cooperation is. We would take the same care should your child have such a health care need.

Please see the community bulletin board for more information from Dare Foods regarding their nut free products. Quaker Chewy Bars are now peanut-free* and are made in a peanut-free facility.

Although Brock Corydon is not a "nut free" school we are striving to be a "nut safe" school.  there are many children at Brock Corydon School with life threatening allergies, not only to nuts, but fish, eggs and other allergens.  While we all try to be careful, on days when we eat in the classrooms we are asking that children not bring nut products including peanut butter, Nutella, etc. or fish if they know a child in their classroom has a nut and/or fish allergy.

If you have some great healthy and peanut-free lunch ideas that you would be willing to share, please send them into the office and they will be included in up-coming newsletters.

Pet Owners- Please be reminded that for the health and safety of Brock Corydon students and staff, dogs are not allowed on the school grounds at any time (Day/Night-Monday-Sunday). 

Phone Calls - Students are welcome to use the school phone when there is a need (emergencies, school events changed, etc.).  Students are NOT to use school phones to make after school social arrangements, as these can be made ahead of time.  When teachers and students receive phone calls, we will generally take messages.  If it is an emergency or we know the teacher is available, we will forward the call.  Again, please make calls to teachers, and arrangements with your children before school.

Recess - All students are expected to go outside for all recess breaks including the lunch time recess.  If students are well enough to come to school, we feel they are well enough to go outside.  The only exception will be students under a doctor’s care.  Please ensure your children are properly dressed for cold weather with hats, mitts, boots and warm coats.  During the cold months we have a shortened or indoor recess as per the Winnipeg School Division’s guidelines.  We feel this policy is reasonable to all.  Indoor recess occurs when it's raining or when the temperature and wind chill reach -25C or colder.

Recycling - Recent changes to Winnipeg School Division policy pertaining to recycling now make it much easier to recycle within the school.  The expanded recycling program now includes:  plastic containers with a triangle on the bottom; aluminum drink cans (tabs are put into the Shriner’s container near the round table); steel (tin) food cans; milk and juice cartons/boxes; flattened cardboard, e.g. cereal, cracker, tissue, etc.

Registrations for Nursery and Kindergarten -  If you have a child or know of one who lives in the area and who will be 4 years old by December 31 for Nursery or 5 years old by December 31 for Kindergarten please call our office at 488-4422 to register.  Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.

Room Reps - Help our families stay informed by disseminating information as well as bringing questions and concerns to the PAC meetings.

School Fees - The school provides students with the supplies they need. Families pay a nominal fee of $50 per child. Additional class supply lists are provided to all families.

School Library - All students are expected to be responsible library users; that is, to return their books on time and in good condition.  In the event that materials are lost or damaged, families are informed of the cost and are requested to pay for replacement.  Parents are welcome to make use of our library.  Whether it be to borrow books to enjoy with your children, or a quiet place to wait while you wait for classes to end (as long as the library is not in use).

School Pictures by Life Touch - School pictures are taken  in the Fall.  A reminder will be sent home closer to picture day.

Skateboards, Scooters and Roller Blades - Children may choose to travel to and from school using skateboards, scooters or roller blades. The assumption is that they have a parent’/guardian’s permission to do so.   When children arrive at school, they are to hold onto their skateboards, scooters or roller blades and not use them on school grounds during the hours from 8:40 a.m. to 3:40 p.m.

Student Accident Insurance - Brochures are sent to all families. The basic insurance plan provides ambulance coverage, unlimited coverage for dental damage due to accident for the first ten years after the accident, as well as benefits related to death, dismemberment and total permanent disability at a cost of only $6.00 per year for one student.  Extended benefits are available at a slightly higher premium as outlined in the brochure. The insurance coverage is for 24 hours per day/365 days per year and covers all accidents whether at school or outside of school hours.  Parents of students involved in school athletic programs should seriously consider purchasing this insurance.

Suspension and Expulsion Division Policies - Offences for which students may be suspended include, but are not restricted to:  weapons (possession, threats and attacks - including toy weapons); physical assault on students and staff; verbal assault on students

Teacher In-services - Manitoba Education Citizenship and Youth allows each teacher to have 10 days during the school year to attend in-services.  Some of these in-services will be used for Student Led Conferences, Administration Days and Curriculum topics.  A note will be sent home at least 2 weeks in advance indicating the date when your child(ren) will not have school due to a teacher attending an in-service.  We will make every attempt to prepare you in advance so that you can make alternate arrangements.

Visitors to our school - In the very near future, all staff members will be wearing photo ID badges.  For safety reasons, all visitors must report to the office.  During the day, please do not pick up your child at the classroom door.  Instead ask the office to buzz the classroom so your child can come to you.  All volunteers staying a while must sign in and wear a volunteer badge.  When you are in the school please use the staff washrooms.  Children get anxious when adults use the student washrooms.

Volunteer forms - these forms are available on the school website.  If you have not done so, there are School Division volunteer applications in the school office.


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