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Student Thoughts

Our Grade 1-6 UNESCO ASPnet leadership group held their first meeting for the school year together with Eileen Curtis and Ira Udow. The students shared their understanding of this world wide organization and the role they can play in promoting the UNESCO ideals. This is what they came up with:

What UNESCO ASPnet stands for:
nited - bunch of people coming together, friendly

Nations - tribes, countries, continents, religions, aboriginals

Educational - schools, learning, teaching

Scientific - finding things out, answers, inquiry, facts, research

Cultural - different cultures, rituals, religions, celebrations, beliefs,  traditions

Organization - group, company, offices, industries

Associated - work together with others

School - that’s us

Project - something you have to do

Network - connection

What we want to do:

  • Help students and their families understand the UNESCO themes and global issues
  • Develop opportunities for student action in support and promotion of human rights and intercultural learning, environmental and world concerns.
  • Increase student understanding and empathy.

Pillars of Learning:

The UNESCO International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century advocates strengthening the four main pillars of learning. This is what we think this means:

Learning to know:

  • about poverty - how to change it
  • how to help people
  • how to help the environment
  • knowing the difference between good and bad 

Learning to be:

  • nice to the world
  • a good person
  • helpful
  • respectful
  • successful

Learning to do:

  • fundraising
  • not wasting things like food
  • doing good deeds

Learning to live together:

  • caring for others
  • living with and helping the poor
  • respecting others - styles, cultures, religions

Four Main Themes of Study:

The students discussed the four themes that ASPnet schools need to consider when developing projects:

World Concerns such as:

wars, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, sickness, dying, disease, villains, bad guys, the homeless pollution, drugs, smoking

Human Rights, Democracy, and Tolerance such as:

countries with no rights, no freedom or choices, different kinds of families and relationships, discrimination, slavery.

Intercultural Learning such as:

understanding and appreciating other customs, traditions, languages, and cultures.

Environmental Concerns such as:

greenhouse effect, not hurting the environment and nature, pollutions (idling/littering), protecting the rainforest ,and animals losing habitats.


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