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Code of Conduct

Clifton School seeks to provide positive learning experiences for all children in the community. Code of Conduct policies are in place at Clifton School to ensure that students and staff are safe and treated with dignity and respect. Respect for self, others, and property, underlie these policies. Code of Conduct policies are reviewed annually and include statements that comply with The Safe Schools Charter.


We have a very basic set of rules at Clifton for students to use to manage their behaviour. The rules are as follows:

Respect yourself

  • Work hard and do your best
  • Be a Clifton Kid

Respect others

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Do not be physically aggressive
  • Use appropriate language
  • Follow the directions of the adults in the school
  • Speak appropriately to adults

Respect property and belongings

  • Take care of school property and equipment
  • Take care of your books and supplies
  • Follow school rules

Clifton Kids follow the model of the Seven Teachings.

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WSD Code of Conduct.pdf


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