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Lunch Program


The Lunch Program is run by the Clifton School Parent Advisory Council.  There is a monthly fee for each child who stays for lunch. There are microwave ovens available for heating the children's lunches on certain days. If lunches are to be heated in the microwave, please send lunches in microwave containers. Although the lunch program has no particular regulations about the types of food the children bring, the school strongly encourages students to bring healthy lunches to school.

Applications for the lunch program may be obtained from the school office.

Periodically children are asked to stay for lunch to take part in activities initiated by the school (e.g. field trips, sports events, etc.). On these days there is no lunch fee required, and the children who are not in the lunch program will make arrangements with the person in charge of the activity about where to eat lunch.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration must be completed and 10 post-dated cheques attached to attend the lunch program.  Cheques are to be dated the first day of each month. Any child who attends the lunch program more than two times a month will be asked to provide post-dated cheques. Payment options are available for special circumstances. Please request this when completing the registration package.

Lunch program payments should be put into a sealed envelope labelled with your child's name and put into the lockbox outside the general office. Please do not give the payments to school office staff or hand them to lunch program staff who are on duty.

Lunch Program Guidelines


The Clifton School Lunch Program will operate under the school’s Code of Conduct. The following expectations are specific to the lunch program.

1. Permission slips or phone calls are appreciated if a child will not be at school for lunch;

2. Students will stay on school property during the lunch hour;

3. Students must have permission to leave the lunch room;

4. Students are expected to eat their lunch and handle their own food and containers carefully; and

5. Cooperation is expected from all students.

On occasion an incident will arise when a child must be reminded of the expectations. Parents will be contacted by the lunch program supervisors for minor incidents and by the chairperson for more serious incidents.

PLEASE NOTE: Prompt payment of lunch program fees is appreciated. Payment is due by the end of the month when the statement is issued. If payment has not been received by the end of the second month, parents will be contacted and lunch privileges may be withdrawn.

*Parents/Guardians must ensure that all epi-pens and medical information are kept up to date.



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