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Arts dramatiques


Congratulations to our Grade 10-12 Drama class who performed their play at the Festival Théâtre Jeunesse!
  • John S. - Bronze medal for best supporting actor
  • Bronwyn S. - Gold medal for best lead actress
  • Wren B., Daryn F. and Andrea G. - Gold medal for best directors

The main focus of this course is to support, encourage and inspire creativity and artistic development. Dramatic arts education draws from a broad field of practices that include theatre, improvisation, musicals, dance, etc. The study and performance of these various styles of dramatic arts will offer students the opportunity to enhance their self-belief and self-esteem, as well as contribute to their understanding of the importance of perseverance and commitment.

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 Festival Théâtre Jeunesse 2016​

IMG_0132.JPGGrade 9 and 10 student in the Théâtre class won the Jury Gold Prize and the Public Bronze Medal for their presentation at Festival Théâtre Jeunesse 2015!Ils ont gagné la médaille d'or pour le prix du juré et la médaille de bronze pour le prix du publique pendant la compétition FTJ!


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