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Family Studies

family studies.jpgFAMILY STUDIES 20F | FASR2F - 1 CREDIT

Do you see yourself as a future parent? This course explores issues involved in becoming a parent.  Developing knowledge and understanding of parenting skills and issues, prenatal development and health, the birth process and meeting the needs of infants will provide a basis for decision making as you move into adulthood. Do you think you might be ready to be a parent? You can experience a parenting simulation for a weekend with Baby-Think-It-Over.


Does your future career involve working with children? This course focuses on the development and relationships of children and families within our society.  Theories and issues in physical, intellectual and social-emotional development of children are examined.  Students have the opportunity to apply and relate what is learned to their own personal development.  A six week practicum experience at an elementary school or daycare provides a real life opportunity to work with children and integrate child development theory while developing employability skills.


This course will focus on personal development and relationships as they develop from adolescence through to adulthood.  Exploration of issues such as self-awareness, communication skills, family roles and responsibilities, dating, mate selection, sexuality, career education and money management will be covered.  A major component of this course focuses on a project “Get a life – living on your own”.  Students will experience budgeting life expenses for one month. Note: the 4S grade 12 is recognized as a university entrance course.


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