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Math Competition


DMCpI Day Activities

Problems of the Day

Get questions sheets from the office or print from the math competition page

  • Turn-in entries to room 36. Deadline: 3:14 pm
Problems of the Day.pdf

Scavenger Hunt 
  • Get Instructions sheets from the office or print from the math competition page
  • Turn-in entries to room 36.  Deadline: 3:14 pm

DMCpI Day Scavenger Hunt.pdf 


Mental Math Contest

Take the challenge and get a free piece of pie.

Period 3 (11:45 am) – room 36

Period 4 (12:45 pm) – room 66

Period 5 (1:45 pm) – room 66

Pie-Eating Contest​ 

In groups of 5 members and individually

  • Period 4 (12:15 -12:45) – MPR

    ​Pi-Memorization Challenge
  • 1:59 – 3:14 pm – room 36​

DMCpI day 2016_1.jpg​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Other Acitivities for DMCpI Day


  • Mental Math Contest - during periods 3, 4 and 5, Rm. 36 , 66
  • Problems of the Day -  throughout the day
  • ​​​Scavenger Hunt 
  • ​Pi Memorization Challenge - 1:59 - 3:14 pm, Rm. 36
  • Pie-Eating Contest - during period 4
  • Pie-Face games - during period 6, Rm. 36
  • ​​
    For more details and to sign-up for the activities, go to Rm. 36

    Problem of the Week

    The Problem Of The Week (POTW) is a contest designed to challenge your thinking abilities through interesting mathematical problems and puzzles. The contest is open to everyone. ​


    A new problem will be posted on the school monitors and on the school website each Friday.  The solution(s) to the previous week's problem will also be posted at the same time, exactly a week from its posting.​


    Include your name/s and grade level in your submission.  The deadline for submission is Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

    ​Solutions can be submitted in one of the following 2 ways:

    • By email to: using any of the following files: pdf, jpeg, tiff, gif, bmp, rtf, doc or docx.
    • By dropping a hard copy to Room 36 or to the main office.



    All correct solutions each week will be eligible for prize draw. Each month, there will be one winner (individual or group) from Grades 9-10 level and 11-12 levels.​

    ​Click on the icon below for your problem.

    Problem of the Week 1.pdf  Problem of the Week 1 - Solution.pdf

    Problem of the Week 2.pdf  Solution - Problem of the Week 2.pdf

    Problem of the Week 3.pdf  Solution - Problem of the Week 3.pdf

    Problem of the Week 4.pdf  Solution - Problem of the Week 4.pdf

    Problem of the Week 5​.pdf  Solution - Problem of the Week 5.pdf

    Problem of the Week 6.pdf  Problem of the Week 6 - Solution.pdf

    Problem of the Week 7.pdf  ​Problem of the Week 7 - Solution.pdf

    Problem of the Week 8.pdf  Problem of the Week 8 - Solution.pdf

    ​​​Problem of the Week 9.pdf​  Problem of the Week 9 - Solution.pdf

    Problem of the Week 10.pdf Problem of the Week 10 - Solution.pdf

    Problem of the Week 11A.pdf

    Problem of the Week 11B.pdf


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