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Room 3

Grade 2 

The goal of the grade 2 program is that all the students are successful learners. Throughout the year we will be using themes and topics of interest to integrate all academic areas.

Language Arts

The English Language Arts enable each student to understand and appreciate language. Students become confident and competent through many opportunities to listen, speak, view, read, write and represent in a variety of relevant contexts, using a variety of texts. 

The grade two balanced literacy learning environment will include:

-shared reading and writing using poems/books/chants/children’s own work

-responding to stories read

-journal writing/story writing

-Power Word Pup Program

-guided reading groups

-individual vocabulary development using Words Their Way

- printing upper/lower case letters


A key component in successfully developing numeracy is making connections to students’ background and experiences. Students learn by attaching meaning to what they do. They need to construct their own meaning of mathematics.

The use of manipulatives and a variety of teaching styles addresses the diversity of learning styles in our classroom.  By addressing concrete, pictorial, and symbolic representations of mathematics students will strengthen their ability to apply mathematical learning to their daily lives.

Math Experiences will include:

-describing, extending, and creating increasing patterns using manipulatives, diagrams, actions, or numbers

-skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s forward and backward

-3D and 2D shapes

-addition and subtraction with answers to 100


-apply mental math strategies to 20

-solving simple story problems


In Grade 2, students focus on 4 topic areas in Science.

Cluster 1:  Growth and Changes in Animals

They will build upon their knowledge of living things and the changes that take place over a lifetime of different animals. They will learn about the four food groups outlined in Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy eating.  

Cluster 2:  Properties of Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Students will examine materials in the world around them by investigating properties of solids and liquids. They will explore gases by examining the properties of air.

Cluster 3:  Position and Motion

They will explore position and motion to develop a sense of space as well as an understanding of the relationship between stationary and moving objects.

Cluster 4: Air and Water in the Environment

Through investigations, students learn about the characteristics of air, and the various forms of water in the environment. Students continue to build their understanding of the nature of science by describing evidence of the water cycle.

Social Studies

Grade 2 students explore life in Canada, beginning with a study of their own community and then learning about other communities. Students enhance their awareness of the cultural and geographic diversity of Canada through the study of an Aboriginal community and one other Canadian community.


Respectful relationships with ourselves, others, and nature and the learning of the Seven Sacred Teachings.


Students will learn about healthy lifestyles that prevent illness and disease. They will identify responsible and respectful behaviour for developing friendships and appropriate ways for sharing and expressing feelings and emotions related to different situations. Students will also learn about safety of self and others by learning safety rules, bus, fire safety, road safety, vehicle safety and potential weather situations.

Integrated Computer Technology

Integrated into all subject areas through programs and projects.


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