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Room 2

​Ms N. Peake

This year our class will have the following learning goals and activities, in these subject areas:

-a variety of hands-on activities
-learning recognize and write numerals
-skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.
-counting to 100
-addition and subtraction

Language Arts
-shared reading and writing
-responding to stories
-morning message
-guided reading groups
-learning sight words
-letter/sound relationships
-chants, poems, songs and games


- characteristics and needs of living things
-characteristics of objects and materials
-daily and seasonal changes
-learning about the senses.

Social Studies

-exploring communities and our responsbilities and rights as a member of a community
-exploring our environment and how to protect it


-sharing circles
-7 Teachings
-respectful relationships with ourselves, others, and nature


-safety in and out of the classroom
-learning about healthy lifestyles


- computers and smartboard activities are integrated into all subject areas

-art, music, and drama are integrated into all subject areas


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