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Practical Arts

Grade 7 Practical Arts Course Descriptions​

Clothing and Textiles

Grade 7 Clothing and Textiles focuses on practicing skills in hand sewing, tying knots and the application of buttons. Students are welcomed to apply their own creativity to the project once the skill set is complete.  Students are responsible for a classroom safety assignment, a hand-sewn sample and their major project.  The major project is a stuffed mouse that is made of felt.


In Graphics, we are taking a look at several different ideas including 3D paper construction, button design, and image enlargement. The students have also been working using basic mathematical skills used for measurement purposes and also have been given instruction on proper safety within in the lab, and also the tools that Graphics has to offer


The grade 7 woods program is an introduction to wood working.  With safety as the main focus of the class students will be introduced to imperial and metric measurement, layout, blue print reading, machining and finishing

Computer Technology

The Grade 7 Computer Technology Program students learned essential computer skills that will be needed throughout their schooling. The topics included emailing, computer and sky drive use, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, appropriate internet use, using internet databases, evaluating the credibility of internet sources, graphic organizers, basic drop and drop programming, and videogame design.


In Grade 7 metals,  students complete  sheet metal projects. The main focus is on Safety,  the students learn practical skills such as metric measurement , layout , and plan reading . Students complete the first project that has pre-planned  pattern. Once completed they are asked to take the knowledge and skills that they learnt to create their own pattern  and complete a second project.

Foods and Nutrition

During this rotation in Foods and Nutrition, the focus was on learning about kitchen safety and sanitation as well as developing technical literacy.  Activities revolved around learning the terminology associated with cooking, such as names of equipment and recipe vocabulary.  Students were taught proper measuring techniques as well.  Students were given the opportunity to measure ingredients and practice conversions in both metric and imperial units.  The students practiced newly acquired skills while preparing tasty and nutritious dishes.


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