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Curious George V Goes to the Zoo!

By Hailey, Kenzie and Ocean

It was finally the 12th of November. All four classes that were grade 4 to 8 have been waiting forever for this particular day. Why is this day so special you may ask? Well, today is the day where all students get to go to the Assiniboine Park Zoo! I waited eagerly for the bus to come and pick us up. At 9:15, the two buses pulled up and, before I knew it, we were on our way. It was a really cold day for us, but probably normal weather for the polar bears.

When we arrived, everyone was up and out of the bus in a flash. The first thing my class had was Arctic ecology. But before that, we went and looked at some Arctic animals. The first animals we saw were arctic foxes. I learned about how they change brown in summer and white in winter. We used GPS to navigate to where different exhibits were. We walked around the Journey to Churchill. We saw caribou, oxen, wolves, reindeer and polar bears. Speaking of polar bears, we actually got to see three. We met Humphrey, who was sucking on his metal cage like a huge soother, and at lunch we saw two more, but I didn’t catch their names.

At lunch, all of the classes sat inside to eat. It was really cool because when we went to the windows we could see a polar bear. That polar bear was really cute I’m telling you! After we ate, we all made two groups and went to the Polar Playground and we played tag and hopped iceberg to iceberg from the hologram on the floor. It was like a polar Kid City!

It had slides and connecting things that we could climb through! It was 
super fun. We also went to Gateway to the North to see the seals. They were really cute and massively playful. It was awesome! Some of them swam upside down so they could see better under them. I also saw a beautiful snowy owl. She had a massive cage and many trees, but all she did was sit on a log. Did you know that male snowy owls are plain white and females have brown spots?

I had a lot of fun at the zoo and learned so much cool information that I didn’t know before. We went and watched a video about the Arctic, and how the summers are longer every year there because of global warming. Then we talked about global warming and what we can do to help, like instead of driving a car we could ride a bike or walk.

We would love to go again because it was super fun and really cool. We’re pretty sure that everyone had a good time - we know we did.

We had the best day at the Assiniboine Park Zoo!





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