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P.E. Program

École George V School
Physical Education Program (Grades 1 – 8)
Objectives and Philosophy of the Physical Education Program at École George V School
1.       For all students to participate fully in all activities; to give their best effort.
2.       To develop specific skills to grade level.
3.       For students to demonstrate FAIR PLAY and a positive attitude in each class.
The basic movement skills are the building blocks on which all other movement is based.  Appearing frequently in a child’s play and daily routines, these skills are the prerequisites to many lifetime and sports movement skills.  These skills have been grouped together into three areas:  Transport skills, Manipulative skills and balancing abilities.
TRANSPORT SKILLS:                                Skills that enable a child to move from one point to another and are initially performed individually and then in combination.
·         running
·         jumping
·         hopping
·         galloping
·         skipping
MANIPULATIVE SKILLS:         Skills associated with the ability to receive, handle, control or propel an object with the hands, feet or with an implement.
·         rolling
·         bouncing
·         catching
·         underhand throwing
·         overhand throwing
·         striking
·         kicking
·         abilities underlying all movement
·         are necessary to maintain and control body position and posture while at rest or in motion
·         they are characterized as static (stationary) and dynamic (moving)
The following components are also part of the physical education program and compliment the basic movement skills learning:             
·         gymnastics
·         dance
·         fitness activities
·         cooperative activities and games
·         opposition activities and games (individual and group)
Students in grades 3 to 6 will also participate in lead-up games to many sports such as:
Soccer, mini volleyball, mini basketball, modified badminton, soft ball, mini team handball and other sports related to grade outcomes.  Intramurals will also be offered throughout the year for students to improve skills and experience different activities such as yoga, wall climbing and snow shoeing.
Students in grades 7 and 8 will be participating in grade specific physical education skills and health education as well as extra-curricular sports throughout the school year.  These students will also be given the opportunity to develop leadership skills during intramurals.
In each class, all students from grades 1 to 8 will participate in fitness activities and be encouraged to stay active and healthy both in and out of school.

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