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Everybody Has the Right

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October 2016

October 2015

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Students at George V are celebrating Everybody Has the Right each October and are getting a reminder about their basic human rights. The Winnipeg School Division is highlighting diversity, equity and human rights in our schools and communities. 

First question, can you name six basic needs that we need to survive? How about shelter, food, medicine, clothes, light and water. But…

What about Love? Who loves you? Where do you get your love from? Do you belong to any groups that support you? Who helps you get the love that you need in your life?

What about Fun? What do you do in your life that is fun? What makes you laugh in your life?

What about Freedom? What choices do you get to make everyday in your life? I bet you started to make choices the moment that you woke up this morning. 

What about Power? What do you do to make yourself feel proud? What do you do that makes you feel special or important in your life? 

Students were asked these exact questions in class and many students had many different answers. Students were then asked to do quick drawings to express where they get some of their basic needs. The result was a beautiful display in front of the main office for all students and visitors to see.  A special thanks to Mrs. Calado, our school Counsellor, for her time and effort put into this project



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