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Grosvenor School honoured to be recognized as an Eco-Globe School

​The Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Gerald Farthing, will be coming to Grosvenor to recognize us as an ECO-GLOBE SCHOOL at the highest level of sustainability (transformation level).  Grosvenor School is very proud to be the first school in the Winnipeg School Division and the second school in the Province of Manitoba to receive this recognition. 
Program Description
The Eco-Globe Schools annual recognition program has been developed by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth (MECY) to:
  • recognize that Manitoba schools are involved in a variety of activities that promote and integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
  • acknowledge Manitoba schools that demonstrate a commitment to ESD
  • facilitate the sharing of ideas and innovative practices


 Schools may apply for one of three levels of participation:
Awareness Level
A school community at this level has a general awareness of the principles and practices of sustainability, such as the following:
  • Principles of ESD are part of the school vision and code of conduct.
  • Environmental education is an important part of teaching and learning, and students are aware of their responsibility for the environment.
  •  The school promotes responsible citizenship and healthy living.
  • Evidence of ESD is highly visible in the school.
  • All staff and students know what sustainable development means.
Action Level
This level includes ESD awareness and is characterized by a school community committed to a variety of ongoing sustainability practices, such as the following:
  • The school has an ESD action plan with descriptors of staff and student responsibilities.
  • School grounds and facilities are maintained in collaboration with the student population and the local community.
  • Innovative projects have a social, economic and environmental focus.
  • Staff time is allocated for collaboration and ESD planning.
  • The school is engaged in community partnerships.
  • ESD is embedded in the curriculum, giving many opportunities for interdisciplinary approaches to learning.
Transformation Level
  • This level incorporates awareness and action, and is characterized by a school-wide culture transformed by an ongoing commitment to the principles and practices of ESD, such as the following:
  • School-wide programs and activities (e.g., assemblies, track and field days, student council events) are governed by ESD principles.
  • The culture and ambiance of the school reflect ESD values and include student voice in planning.
  • ESD initiatives have a national or global component.
  • Teaching practices and school infrastructure have been changed to support ESD principles.

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