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Culture Day

​​​​​​​ Thank you to all of our parent and community volunteers who helped to support Harrow’s Culture Day on January 22nd! What an amazing experience for staff and students alike! Students circulated through stations to learn about and celebrate our unique cultures and the diversity that we are so very proud of at Harrow. Students learned about the French Canadian culture by playing the spoons, Aboriginal culture with a jigging performance, Ukrainian culture by making pero​gies, Chinese writing, and sampling delicious Scottish desserts just to name a few. As always it is heartwarming to see the students’ excitement when learning about each other’s cultures and backgrounds.  
Below is a letter from the Grade 6 classroom to the Culture Day Planning Committee expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the day :

550 Harrow Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3M 3A2
January 25, 2016


Dear Culture Day Committee,

               We would like to thank you for organizing a memorable culture day for Harrow School! We had fun experiencing a variety of cultural activities. Although we enjoyed all the activities our favourites include: playing the spoons, making sipa, tasting Scottish food, hockey, trying Ukrainian food, writing Chinese, and drinking hot chocolate while listening to a story. Here are our thoughts about our favourite experiences from the culture day.

               One of our classrooms favourite activities this culture day was playing the wooden spoons. Everybody seemed to enjoy learning to play this musical instrument. The guest teacher who taught us had a lot of passion and was very committed to helping us learn. We travelled to Quebec, Louisiana and Mali, all while staying in the library. The music was very energetic and upbeat. Even though we will not be here next year, we hope that Harrow will invite this instructor again so that more people will be able to have this amazing experience. Thank you for making this such a fantastic part of culture day.

               We learned a lot about sipa and how we play with them. We made sipa by taking 6 sheets of tissue paper, folding them 1 inch down, then unfolding it. Next we cut the paper into strips up to the folded line. Finally we took our washer and put it in the middle, folded it around the washer and secured it with a rubber band. Learning how to make sipa was a really fun and unique experience. We hope to make and play with a sipa again one day.

               While Liz entertained us with singing and showing us pictures, we enjoyed delicious Scottish food. This was our first time trying 4 types of Scottish food. Our favourites were Dimly Dumplings, Mashed Potatoes, Shepherds Pie and Yams. We hope you'll cook the Scottish food again for culture day!

               Our first experience was hockey. It was fun because we got to score a lot of goals. It was amazing sliding around when playing goalie. We laughed when we tried to take a shot and we missed the puck because of the snow. Hockey was exciting!

                              We absolutely loved the Ukrainian food and crokinole. We made perogies and then we ate them. They tasted great! The crokinole was very fun and cool! Mr. And Mrs. W. were very kind and knowledgeable. They taught us about how their ancestors came to North America and the traditions that they celebrate throughout the year. We hope to try more Ukrainian food someday.

               Our favourite thing about culture day was Chinese writing. The woman who taught us was named Bhin, she was really nice. It was fun because we learned how to write our names in Chinese and the Chinese numbers. Did you know that to make the number eleven you have to start with the number ten and then add the one? Learning how to write in Chinese made culture day amazing!

               Hot chocolate! That was one of our favourite culture day activities, probably because our first station was hockey outside. It was a cold and windy day, so when we came in, some hot chocolate was what we needed. Not only was the hot chocolate nice and hot, but Mrs. Mac's story made us feel cozy and warm. That is why my friend Julia and I thought that was the best station.

Culture day was a success because we learned new things about a variety of cultures, and will always remember these experiences. We would like to thank all of you for the best culture day ever!!



Grade 6 Class 2016

Harrow School


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