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Monday March 21st- Day 1
 Kick off assembly at 1 pm lead Eco Kids sharing "Sandy's Incredible Shrinking Footprint"

 Spirit Week Activity- Crazy Hat/ Crazy Hair day

Tuesday March 22 ( day 2)– Author Armin Weibe  and Guest Reader Reynold from Bethel visit

 Author Armin WiebeReynold reading 


Spirit Week in class activity- Scramble!  – K-2 – students are given cards and will print the letters of a chosen word on them. The letters will be taped on them in a scrambled order and others guess their word.

3-6 Students will be given cards to print words representing a simple sentence in scrambled order. Other students must try to unscramble their sentences.



Wednesday, March 23 ( Day 3)-Library Visit - an employee from the Wnnipetg Public Library will take students on a virtual tour and tell them about all of the activities and resources available to our families in the community.

K-2 classes 10 am – 10:30 in the library

3/4  classes 10:45-11:15

5/6 classes  11:15-11:45


PM Spirit Week Activity-Creative Communicating! – each student will receive a blank 5 frame. Students and staff are challenged to communicate without words for a determined period of time. ( N/K 15 minutes; Grade 1-3 1:15-2:15; Grades 4-6 1:15-3:15)  Speaking is allowed at recess.  Each time a student/staff speaks one of the frame squares is filled with a bingo dabber. The student is "out" when their 5 frame is filled.


Thursday March 24 ( Day 4)- Book Exchange and issuing of Library cards.


Spirit Week Activity- Stop Drop and Dance over the PA 





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