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SchoolConnects is an automatic call home system.

SchoolConnects can deliver a wide variety of messages by phone and e-mail to parents efficiently and cost effectively.  When you receive a message from the SchoolConnects system, you should be able to see the school’s phone number displayed, if you have caller ID.

Who receives the phone call?
The absence phone call is sent only if a student has an unexcused absence in one or more classes on that day for Grade 9 or AM and/or PM attendance for Grade 7 and 8. The call is sent between 6:00PM and 9:00PM to the student’s home phone number. It can also be set up to two ADDITIONAL phone numbers if the parent or guardian calls the school to request it.

What if nobody answers the phone?
SchoolConnects will wait for up to six rings before moving on to the next call. If nobody is available to answer the phone and there is no answering machine, SchoolConnects will hang up, finish the rest of its calls then retry the no answer and busy numbers. It will make a maximum of six attempts to call the number. If it takes more than six rings to go to your answering machine you may see that the school has called the house several times without leaving a message.

What if there are multiple students in the same household?
If there are two or more students in the same household who both have absences, SchoolConnects will play an absence message for both students in the same phone call. However, if the person listening to the message hangs up before the second message plays, the system will call back to deliver the second message.

Is the message left on an answering machine?
The message is played twice to an answering machine in case the beginning is cut off.
In some cases, SchoolConnects may think it has reached a live person when it has actually reached an answering machine, and vice versa. If you are listening to the message on your answering machine and you hear the prompts to “listen to the message again, press 1” or “to confirm receipt of this message, press 2”, PLEASE DO NOT PRESS ANY KEYS. Just save or delete the message the way you normally would on your answering machine.

What does the absence message sound like?
The absence message sounds like: “This is a message from Hugh John Macdonald School. A student in your household in grade <grade> named <student’s first name> was marked absent on <date> in the following periods: <list of blocks or periods missed>.  Please call the school or send a note to provide an explanation if you have not already done so.” If you are listening to the message live, you will be given the option to press 1 to listen to the message again or press 2 to confirm receipt of the message. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this new initiative to enhance communication between home and school regarding your child’s attendance.​


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