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Grades 5 & 6

Titanic Video


McGruff - The Crime Dog

Learn the Keys
Typing Adventure - Level 1
Typing Adventure - Level 2
Typing Bubbles
Cup Stacking
Space Invanders
Save the Sailboats
Outerspace Fleet Commander
The Frogs are Off Their Diet
Typing Tide Pool

Free Rice
Fun Brain - Sudoku

Kid Witness News
Explore Learning - Math & Science Gizmos

KS3 - Bitesize

I Love to Read

Wiki for Kids - Search Engine
Writing Fix
Online Dictionary
Scholastic Kids
Create a Word Search
All Recipes
The Weather Network


Top Marks - Ordering and Sequencing Numbers

Mental Math

Hit the Button
Loop Cards
Alien Addition

Top Marks - Mental Math

Dreambox - Math Activities
(Scroll to the bottom and choose Experience Intermediate Learning Environment)
(Click on My Lessons to see sample lessons)


Sheppard Software - Fractions/Decimals

BBC - Skillwise Fractions
Learning Fractions
Who Wants Pizza?

Johnnie's Math Page - Fractions
Gamequarium - Fractions


BBC - Bitesize Measurement
BBC Skillwise - Measurement
AAA Math Measurement
Jack the Builder - Measurement
Metric Quiz
Gamequarium - Metric

Fun Brain - Measurement
Harcourt - Measure in cm
Mr. Nussbaum - Measurement

Place Value

IXL - Place Value Activities
BBC - Place Value
Place Value Activities


Geometry Activities - Shapes/Polygons
Geometric Solids - Illuminations
Math Playground - Pattern Blocks

Area and Perimeter

Everything You Wanted to Know About Area and Perimeter
BBC - About Area and Perimeter
BBC Bitesize - Area and Perimeter
Shape Surveyor
Perimeter Explorer
Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
Area Explorer
Cool Math 4 Kids
Math Cats - Explore


Measuring Angles
Angles Game

Factor Activities
Math Goodies - Factor Tree

Fun Brain - Math Arcade
Math Magician
Math Frog - Grade 5
Math Frog - Grade 6

Arcademic Skill Builders

Gamequarium - Fractions

Nelson Math Activities

Gamequarium - Multiplication
Gamequarium - DivisionMath - Cyber Challenge

BBC - Number Activities

Geocities-Interactive Fun with Multiplication & Division


Math Playground

Rainforest Maths

Gamequarium - Place Value

BBC - Rounding and Estimating

BBC - Rounding Off

Fun Brain - Rounding and Estimating

WildCard Solitaire
FunBrain - Soduko

Consumer Math
Fun Brain - Change Maker
Counting Change
Money Mania - Money Problems
Fleet Kids - Money Investment

RekenWeb Games
Math Games

Gamequarium - Algebraic Patterns


Bank of Canada - Currency Museum
History of Money
History of Money 1
History of Money 2
Escape from Knab

Math Cats - Tessellation Town
Virtual Manipulatives - Tessellations
Interactive Tessellations
World of Escher
Shmuzzle Puzzles

Origami - Paper Cranes
Math for Kids

Fish Tank - Probability

Adjustable Spinner Tool

BrainPOP - Probability
Virtual Coin Toss
Mrs. Glosser's Probability
The Monty Hall Game


Endangered Species

Endangered Species Fact Sheets

Canada's Endangered Species


Bagheera Endangered Species
World Wildlife Endangered Species
U.S. Fish and Wildlife - Kids Corner
Endangered Species Photo Gallery

Endangered Species -
Species at Risk
Enchanted Learning - Endangered Species
Butterflies and Bugs
The Electronic Zoo


National Geographic - Habitats
Sir Robert Hitcham's Habitat Page
Enchanted Learning - Biomes - Habitats
Animal Habitats

Science Fair

Science Fair Projects for Kids
Science Buddies
KidzWorld - Science Fair Projects
Energy Quest - Science Projects
Science Made Simple - Science Fair Projects
Science Kids - Science Fair Projects
PBS Kids - Make a Science Fair Splash

Astronomy for Kids
Amazing Space
Space Kids
BBC - Space

NASA for Students
History of Space Exploration
Canadian Space Agency

States of Matter - Harcourt School
NeoK12 - Matter

Animations - Properties of Matter
Solids, Liquids, Gases - Activities
Solids and Liquids - BBC
Characteristics of Materials - BBC
Separating Materials - BBC
Gases All Around Us - BBC
Changing Matter


Mindstorms Robotics

Ignite Learning - Robotic Videos
Violin Playing Robot
Tennis Playing Robot
Robot Dog
Wall-E Movie Trailer
How Stuff Works - Robots

Tech Museum - Robotics

Virtual Museum - The Arctic Hare
SaskSchools - Canadian Arctic Animals
Little Explorers
Arctic Animals
Canadian Arctic Profiles

Yahooligans! - Animals
National Geographic Creature Feature
Discovery Channel - Build a Beast
The Electronic Zoo
Australian Animals A_Z

Diversity of Living Things

Biodiversity 911 on the Web

Links - EdSelect

Web Weather for Kids
The Weather Dude
USA Today Kids Page
The Weather Network

Cloud Photographs
Weather Photos

Harcourt - Types of Clouds

Scholastic - Weather Watch

The Weather Channel Kids!
Online Weather Activities

The Weather Game

Apples 4 the Teacher - Weather


NASA - UEET Kids Site
NASA - Parts of a Plane
K-8 Aeronautics Internet TextBook

The Wonder of Flight
Science Fun with Airplanes

The Hanger
Principles of Aeronautics
Principles of Flight

Aeronautic Nation

Flight - A Natural Occurrence
AVKids - Online Flight Activities
Flight Resources


Electricity - Interactive Activities
The Electro-Magnetic Game
Electricity Match-Up
Electricity Quiz
Static Electricity Rags to Riches
Electricity and Magnetism 20 Questions

Learning Circuits
Silicon Spies - Electricity


Electricity and Magnetism

A to Z - Electricity

Manitoba Electrical Museum

Manitoba Hydro - Learning Zone
Re-energy - Hydroelectric Generators
Build Your Own - Hydroelectric Generator
How Stuff Works - Hydroelectric Power
Energy Ant - Trip to Roanoke Hydroelectric Plant
Dialogue for Kids - Electricity
TVA Kids - Hydroelectric Power
Energy Kids Page
Alternative Energy Resources
Energy Kids Page - Links

Learning Circuits
BBC - Science

How Electricity Works
Circuit Builder
Electricity and Magnetism
The Electric Avenue
The Electricity Book

Recycle City

Wilderness Survival Guide

Simple Machines
Simple Machines
Edheads - Simple Machines
Simple Machines Quiz
Simple Machines Made Simple
Thinkquest - Simple Machines
More Simple Machines

Super Bridges

Social Studies

Migration to Canada

Education Scotland - Scotland's History
Tartan Maker
Red River 200
The Scots in Manitoba

First Peoples

First Peoples of Canada

CG Kids: Camp Etlitoq

First Peoples of Canada - Canadian Museum of Civilization
Canadian Geographic - First Peoples
University of Calgary - First Nations
Aboriginal Canada Portal - Kids  - First Nations

Kids' Site of Canadian Settlement


Indigenous People
Inuit Games


Traditional Mi'Kmaq Culture
Kids' Site of Canadian Settlement - Mi'Kmaq


Dancing - YouTube


Haida - Spirits of the Sea


Canoe Construction


Kids' Site of Canadian Settlement - Metis

Canadian Encyclopedia - Canada's Native Peoples
Canadian Atlas - First Peoples
Our World - Haida and Inuit
Blackfoot - Tipi

McCord Museum Artifacts - Daily Life Matching- Haida, Inuit, Mi'kmaq
McCord Museum Artifacts - Raw Materials Matching
McCord Museum Artifacts - Adornments Matching
McCord Museum Artifacts  - Unusual Objects Matching
McCord Museum Artifacts  - Headdress Matching
McCord Museum Artifacts - Totem Pole Matching

Learn Alberta - Walking Together


Encyclopedia - Titanic
Discovery Channel - Inside the Titanic
Encyclopedia Britannica - Titanic
BBC - Ticket to Launch Titanic

Fur Trade

Passageways: True Tales of Adventure
Canada's First Peoples
Exploration - The Fur Trade and the Hudson's Bay Company

Canadian Atlas Online - First Peoples

Physical Regions of Canada
Canadian Landscape Images
Physical Maps of Canada
Atlas of Canada - Physical Systems
Atlas of Canada - Relief Map

Canada - Geography
Sheppard Software - Canadian Provinces/Territories
Online Canada Map Puzzle
CG - Kids - Map It
Online Visit to Canada

History of Canada

Heavens! My Ship
Confederation for Kids
Upper Canada Adventure
Upper Canada Village

Famous Canadians

Famous Canadians
Memorable Canadians
Canadian Heros
Canadian Biographies - lots of links
Famous Women in Canada

Building a Nation - Canadian Immigration

A People's History - Immigration
Library & Archives - The Canadian West
The Last Best West
Russborough's Immigration Posters
Markville Canadian History


River East Collegiate - Manitoba History
Wikipedia - History of Manitoba
City of Winnipeg - Historical Timeline
Manitoba Life and Times
Pathways to Winnipeg's History
Virtual Museum of Canada - Haida Spirits of the Sea - Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage
The Fur Trade -
Hudson Bay Company - Fur Trade

Confederation for Kids

Heroes of Yore and Lore
Gallery of Canadian Heroes
Canadian Heros
The Memory Project

Canadian World War I Heroes
Canada in the First World War
Canadian Heroes
Canadian War Museum

Remembrance Day
Over The Top - WWI Interactive Story

Martin Luther King Jr.

European Settlement of Canada
French Exploration and Settlement
Jaques Cartier
John Cabot
French Explorers - The First French Colonists
Explorers of the New World - Review of Series
Samuel de Champlain - Introduction
Samuel de Champlain
Samuel de Champlain - 1st Expedition
Samuel de Champlain - 2nd Expedition
Samuel de Champlain - Exploration and Colonization

Explorer Links

All About Explorers
Enchanted Learning - Explorers
Explorer Hot List
Explorer Webquest
Explorers of the New World

Australia Facts
Guide to Australia
Sydney 2000


First Nations
Native Drums
First Nations of Canada
Exploration, the Fur Trade and Hudson's Bay Company
First Peoples Online Exhibit

Haida - Spirits of the Sea

Canadian History Timelines
Canadian History Links
Canadian Facts
New France

Objects of New France

Mapping Skills

Treasure Hunt
Mystery Island
Sea Adventure
Map Zone
Mapping Activities

World Geography
Info Please - Countries Around the World
National Geographic - Explore Countries
Flags of the World


Bones and Harry - Haunted House

Kids Health - Body Systems
Kids Health - Body Systems Videos

Science Kids - Human Body Activities

Hillendale Health - Skeletal System
Hillendale Health - Digestive System
Hillendale Health - Circulatory System
Hillendale Health - Respiratory System
Hillendale Health - Nervous System

Kids Biology - Body Systems

Human Anatomy Online
Body Systems Webquest

Get Body Smart
Kid Info - Health
Yukiest - Body Systems
The Virtual Body

The Immune System
Kids' Health - Immune System
Immune System

The Human Heart
The Franklin Institute - Human Heart

The Brain
The Brain is the Boss
Probe the Brain
Neuroscience for Kids


Chef Solus - Ride the Food Label
Make Your Calories Count
Reading Food Labels

Kids Health Nutrition Activities

Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure
Nutrition Activities
Nutrition Cafe
What Keeps You Going?

Language Arts

Tagxedo Creator

Poetry Just for Kids - Interactives
Scholastic writing with Writers - Poetry
Haiku Interactive
Interactive Poetry Tools
Instant Poetry Forms
Poetry for Kids

Roald Dahl
Thinkquest - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Online Activities
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Jigsaw Puzzle
Willy Wonka - Jigsaw Puzzle
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Online Quiz
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Official Film Site

Darkwing - Kenneth Oppel

Starfall - It's Fun to Read
Starfall - I'm Reading

Holes - Online Questions
Dictionary of English Palindromes
Holes Trivia Game
Scholastic Holes Trivia Quiz
Holes - Movie Trailer
The Hole Truth - Camp Green Lake

Spelling City
Spelling with Spellits

Grammar Monster

Buzzin - Language Arts

Knights of the Round Table

Legends of King Arthur
King Arthur's Legend
People of the Middle Ages
King Arthur - A Man for the Ages

The World of King Arthur
King Arthur

Family Crests

Family Crests
Symbols - Family Crests
More Symbols - Family Crests

Oban's Legends
MacScouter - Indian Legends
Internet Public Library: Story Hour
Bedtime Stories
Between the Lions
Beatrix Potter Online Stories
James Grant - I Lave to Read
The Great-Horned Owl

Puzzle Maker


Patterns in Art

Ted Harrison Gallery

KWN - Panasonic Canada

KWN - Panasonic Kid Witness News
iMovie Tutorial

BBC - Me and My Movie

Carmine's Art Adventures

Webquest on Piet Mondrian

Multimedia Zone - Perspective, Vanishing Point
Origami - Paper Cranes


Mozart - Surfing the Net with Kids

New York Philharmonic KidZone
San Francisco Orchestra
Dallas Symphony Orchestra - Kids

Find Sounds

Arts Alive - Famous Composers
Thinkquest - Music
Kids - Composers
Kids Music Links


actDen Tutorials

Noodle Tools (Quick Citations)

Encarta Online
Ask Jeeves Kids
KidsDomain Xmas Clip Art

Virtual Museum - Canada


Brain Games
Lego Junkbot

Finger Weaving - Video

Free Rice - Learn some new words and help to feed the hungry

Wild Card Solitaire
Fun Brain - Sodoku

Indiana Jones
Lego Activities


Useful Links


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