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Junior High Classes

Grade 7/8 French Program

Isaac Brock School offers a Basic French program to students in grades 7 to 8. French is optional. It is taught for 40 minutes 4 times for cycle. Students learn French as a second language through a multidimensional/communicative approach. This approach includes listening, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing activities.
The focus of the program is to expose students to French language and culture in Canada and around the world.
The program varies from year to year. Themes studied range from food, travel, descriptions of self and objects, sports, clothing, animals, school and leisure time. Emphasis is also placed on basic grammar structures and vocabulary.
Text used: Horizons 1 & 2. As well as variety of other resources such as French/English dictionary, maps, short stories and videos will be used throughout the year.
The assessment of students occurs in every class and takes into account their attitude, cooperation, and participation. The following areas will be assessed through observations, descriptive feedback, group and individual work, presentations, class work and homework.
  • Listening - 25%
  • Speaking - 25%
  • Reading - 25%
  • Writing - 25%

Grade 9 Social Studies Program Summary

Text: Canada Today

Cluster 1
Diversity and Pluralism in Canada

  • Geographical review
  • Canadian Identity – What is a Canadian?
  • Rights and Responsibilities

Cluster 2
Democracy and Governance in Canada

  • You and Your Government
  • How do Citizens Elect Governments?
  • How do Governments Make Policy?
  • How do Laws and Regulations Affect You?
  • How does the Judicial System Work?

Cluster 3
Canada in the Global Context

  • Canada and the Global Economy
  • Canada in the Global Economy

Cluster 4
Canada:  Opportunities and Challenges

  • Identity and Citizenship
  • Technology, Society and Change

Aside from the text, we will also be using primary sources such as brochures, local and national newspapers and magazines, maps and an atlas.  Students will be exposed to resources found online as well. 


Student assessment will be both formative and summative.  The assessment will be distributed as follows:

  • Classroom assignments - 45%
  • Research projects (individual and group) - 15%
  • Tests & Quizzes - 10%
  • Participation - 15%
  • Self-Assessment - 15%
  • Final project (TBA) - 25% of the year

Art Grades 7 to 8

The purpose of the art program is to support, nurture and inspire the growth of the child as an artist and artful learner.

Learning areas:

  • Art Language tools - 25%

Students demonstrate understanding of and facility with visual art elements, principles, materials, tools and processes

  • Creative Expression - 25%

Students individually and collaboratively generate, develop and communicate ideas in the processes of creating art, for diverse purposes and audiences

  • Art in Context   25%

Students connect the visual arts to context of time, place, and community and understand how art reflects and influences culture and identity

  • Valuing Artistic Experience   25%

Students analyze, reflect, and construct meaning in response to art created by themselves and others

Project ideas:

  • Collages
  • Painting
  • Clay sculptures
  • Word art
  • Recycled art
  • Mosaics
  • Sketching
  • Still life


Assessment will be based on participation, reflection, individual and group work, project completion, use of different mediums and creativity.  Each learning area is worth 25% of the mark.

Grade 7 and 8 Social Studies

Understanding Societies Past and Present

Students will explore concepts related to society, civilization and world view. This study includes a focus on stories and theories of the origin and development of human life and the transition from hunter-gatherer to agrarian ways of life.

Early societies of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Indus Valley

This study includes a focus on the physical environment and the social, political, technological and cultural aspects of each of the above societies.

Grade 7, 8 and 9 English Language Arts

These courses focus on developing reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing skills.  Students are invited to take risks in their learning while developing different strategies to help further their knowledge base.

Themes and topics we will be exploring this term include Human Rights, Awareness of Self and Others, Imagination and Perception.

These courses focus on developing the basic skills of language arts. Students have the opportunity to learn and enhance writing skills through Mini Lessons, Words Their Way spelling, personal reflection, journaling, pen pals and creative writing.


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