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Seven Teachings - Wisdom

​​​​This week for Wisdom, we are focusing on the Beaver and why it represents wisdom. Everyone has a special gift – show wisdom by using your gift purposefully. The beaver uses it’s special gifts like it’s sharp teeth for cutting trees and building dams and lodges. This helps the beaver itself and nature at the same time.

 An announcement will be read on Monday, introducing the week of wisdom!

 Share this short video on the beaver in it’s habitat, using it’s wisdom to survive.
The full version is 50 min. If interested, follow this link.
The full version also shows how beavers can make a desert into an oasis by digging up ground water. Very cool!
TV Monitor
Be sure to watch the hallway TV! There will be photos of students sharing what wisdom is to them. It was a collaboration of grade 1/2 and jr. high. Find the medicine wheel posters on the walls for a closer look, and enjoy them in different languages!
Have fun learning about wisdom!


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