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School Rules

At École J. B. Mitchell School, students are expected to:

  • Be ready for all classes on time.
  • Do their best and be responsible for completing assignments and handing them in on time.
  • Be courteous and helpful to each other, to staff, and to visitors in the building.
  • Settle disagreements in a fair, and non-violent manner.
  • Behave in a way that does not endanger the health and safety of others.
  • Move around the building in a quiet and orderly way.
  • Respect the school building and property.

Each classroom has specific guidelines as part of a classroom plan. Teachers establish these with student input at the beginning of each school year.


School rules are derived from the school's expectations. These are the basic rules that all students are expected to adhere to:

The Right To Learn
  • Do not disrupt others
  • Do your best work at all times

The Right To Be Safe
  • Enter the school in an orderly manner
  • No fighting or hurting people
  • No throwing objects, including snowballs
  • No dangerous use of school equipment ( eg. sleds, bats )
  • No rollerblading or bicycle riding on school property

The Right To Be Respected
  • Listen to the person speaking
  • Respect others and their ideas
  • No swearing and / or use of inappropriate language

Rules for Bully-Proofing
Along with the school rules, students are expected to follow the rules for Bully-Proofing our school. In simple terms, bullying is when a student is the target, over a period of time, of repeated negative actions.

Rules for Bully-Proofing our Classrooms* 
  • We will not bully other students.
  • We will help others who are being bullied by speaking out and by getting adult help.
  • We will use extra effort to include all students in activities at our school.


At École J. B. Mitchell School the staff works at creating a positive school climate. There are ongoing activities to encourage positive behaviour. As examples, conflict resolution is actively taught and the Conflict Managers Programs sets the tone for responsible student behaviour.

School rules aim to ensure safety and respect for all. When a student chooses to break the rules, the following is a list of general procedures and consequences that are used in our school to encourage the student to learn from their mistakes. Consequences are not necessarily applied in the order in which they appear and take into account the context of the situation. They may involve the principal and parents as well as classroom teacher(s) and student(s).

General Procedures Followed:
  • warning
  • teacher / student conference
  • teacher / student / principal conference
  • phone call home by teacher or principal
  • interview with parents or parent / student
Possible Consequences
  • Removal of privilege(s) - student not allowed to participate in a special activity
  • Homework book - a mechanism agreed upon by parents and teacher which is checked by parents on a regular basis.
  • Individual student behaviour plan - initiated by the teacher for students who have ongoing difficulty in following school rules.
  • Time out - a "cooling off" period of time to address a student's distractible and inattentive behaviour, non-compliance for disruptive behaviour.
  • Restitution - students are expected to pay for or repair deliberate damage or loss of an item.
  • Detention - usually after school for a maximum of 20 minutes. Teachers of younger students (grades 1 - 3) will notify the home; older students in grades 4 - 6 will be allowed to call home.
  • In-school suspensions - students will work in a designated area away from other students for one to three days. Parents will be notified.
  • Suspension - suspension from school is a serious consequence which is imposed subject to Division Policy JGD. It may occur as a result of repeated non-compliance or inability to conform to school rules. The maximum single suspensions are as follows:
    • Principal - up to one week. More than one week requires Superintendent's approval.
    • Superintendent - up to six weeks. In all cases of suspension, the parent(s) are notified.

  • Expulsion - in accordance with School Division Policy. This measure will be recommended only in extreme circumstances or after all other attempts at intervention have proven unsuccessful in changing behaviour.

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