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Language options include, Spanish, Japanese, and Special Credit for Languages.
Spanish 15G (0.5 credit) SPHR1G
This course is designed as an introduction to the Spanish language. Students
participate in a variety of games and activities to help enhance their comprehension of new vocabulary
and verb forms. Students are also exposed to various elements of both Spanish and Latin American culture.
The primary purpose of the Spanish program is the acquisition of Spanish as an additional language.
Students will know and use various strategies to maximize the effectiveness of learning and communication
in this language. Beginning at a Grade 9 level, students develop their pro"ciency in Spanish and build on
their communication skills both orally and in writing.
Spanish 20G SPAR2G
Prerequisite: Spanish 15G
This course serves as a continuation from Spanish 15G. The majority of the class is conducted in Spanish,
enabling students to develop both comprehension and communication skills in the language. Students are
encouraged to speak in Spanish as much as possible through class discussions, partner and group work, and
Spanish 30S/40S SPAR3S/4S
Prerequisite: Spanish 20G (30S required for 40S)
This combined class is conducted almost entirely in Spanish. This immersion setting allows students to
further their skills in Spanish as an additional language. Students will continue to build on their pro"ciency
through various activities and study of text, plays, class discussions, group work and presentations. Previous
experience with the language is strongly recommended.
Japanese Language 10G JAPR1G
This after school class will be taken once a week and will be offered at various levels depending on
pro"ciency, enrollment numbers and teacher availability. (There will be a charge.) As languages re$ect
cultures, we believe the study of Japanese is extremely important in raising awareness about Japan.
Students may claim special credit for languages not included in the regular high school program. One credit
for each language may be granted at each level. The Guidance department will set up testing sessions for
students in languages such as Filipino, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian and First Nations languages. Courses are curriculum based and are designated as regular credits. Examples of
languages for which special credit has also been given include Icelandic, Cree, Chinese, Saulteaux, Greek,
Danish and Norwegian. A maximum of four special language credits may be counted towards graduation.

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