EAL at Kelvin  


(English As An Additional Language)


Moving to a new country and learning a new language can be exciting  and challenging. Kelvin recognizes these challenges and offers several ways to support students who are learning English.  




When you apply at Kelvin, bring all your documents (proof of birth,  proof of where you live, landed immigrant status, your report card). We will likely set up an appointment time to learn more about you, your   English language skills and your educational history.  A resource teacher   will call with a time.  You will be assessed on your listening, speaking,  reading and writing skills.  After that, we will prepare your timetable.


On your first day, we will set you up with another Kelvin student who  can show you the school, answer your questions and have lunch with you 


E-designated credits 


An E-designated credit means that the student has earned a high school credit in a particular course, but that the course has been adapted to  support language learning and needs of the student. These courses allow students to increase their academic vocabulary, reading and writing skills in the content areas.  E-designated credits are real high school credits that count towards graduation, however some EAL credits may not be recognized by some post-secondary institutions.   


Many EAL students start with some E-designated courses and move on to regular courses when their academic English skills are stronger.  We are fortunate to offer a Grade 11/12 EAL English Bridging class.  This class helps prepare students for Regular English.  Having E-designated credits, in  grades 9, 10 and 11 your course history does not affect your university entrance. In Grade 12 English and Math must be regular (not EAL)in order to register for university.




Students literate in other languages are encouraged to register for special language exams through the guidance office.  Students can earn up to 4 credits depending on their lang​uage competencies.



(This service if for people 18 and over) 

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