Kelvin High School offers an integrated Special Education Program which provides supports and assistance to students with special needs. The goal is to provide students with adaptations, modifications and supports and programming in order to be successful in the regular or alternative classrooms.


Kelvin has Special Education Resource Teachers (S.E.R.T's) that are responsible for creating, maintaining, and updating Individualized Educational Plans (I.E.P.) specific to each student. The I.E.P. indicates the adaptations to the program and/or specialized materials needed for the student to be successful. In addition, the S.E.R.T. schedules, monitors, trains, provides support and feedback to the Educational Assistants (E.A.'s).


The S.E.R.T. works in collaboration with subject teachers, Guidance Counselors, Child Guidance Clinic, parents, the Special Education Department, and outside agencies. Our students are encouraged to participate in the wide range of extra-curricular activities the school has to offer.