The Kelvin Volunteer Program provides students in grades 9-12 volunteer opportunities in our community and school. The program, allows students to gain up to 1 full credit towards graduation, students   must  complete 110 hours.  These hours can be accumulated over four years.







Students gain: 



-team building skills,



-job experience, skills and training,




-inter-personal skills, responsibility and organization,



- communication, punctuality and collaboration,



-exposure to professional workplace settings,



-awareness of charitable causes,



- resume awareness,




The volunteering program is run by Mr. Hugh Tibbs (Special Education/Resource).  Please see Mr. Tibbs in Room 23. The school will provide several volunteering opportunities such as Boo In the Zoo and The Teddy Bear's picnic.  Students can organize and log hours with other organizations in this case, they are required  to log their hours and  provide the name   and contact information of the organization along  with a log sheet.