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Central Europe Battlefield Trip


Over spring break, Mr. Young travelled with 10 wonderful Kelvin students to central Europe (Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic). Over two weeks, the group visited Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, and Vienna. There were so many memorable moments on the trip! Here are a few: listening to a world renowned string quartet play Mozart in Vienna's oldest concert hall (where Mozart used to live), swimming in the thermal baths in Budapest, crying at Auschwitz, visiting the Castle district in Prague and drinking coffee while eating cake in one of Vienna's most famous cafes.

One of the very special memories was when we visited the Berlin Second World War Commonwealth War Cemetery where 7 Kelvin airmen are buried. Each student had researched the life of one of the airmen and in many cases visited their soldier's former home near Kelvin. Several students left a variety of mementos at their soldier's grave including photographs of them at their soldier's house and model airplanes. Our visit to the cemetery was a visceral experience felt by the whole group.

One memory we might want to forget was our return home. After waking up at 3:00 am in Vienna, we flew to Frankfurt to discover that our flight was cancelled to Montreal. The group stayed an extra night in Frankfurt (where we explored the sights) and flew to Montreal the following day. But getting home to Winnipeg was still a challenge!  We flew from Montreal to Toronto, slept in the Toronto airport and then flew early to Saskatoon the next morning. After several hours waiting in Saskatoon, our group finally made it home to Winnipeg! It was a challenging journey back but after two incredible life changing weeks in Europe it was all worth it.

- Chris Young


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Kelvin Remembers in Central Europe

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