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Human Rights Project

What was daily life like for a Jewish teenager in 1930s Germany? How does a child cope with working conditions in a sweatshop? What is it like to be separated from your family as you try to escape the horrors of tribal warfare or “ethnic cleansing”? Students in Ms. Tammy Froese’s Grade 9 English Language Arts classes challenged themselves to experience life in difficult times from a teen’s perspective through research for a multi-genre Human Rights Project. Aided by Teacher-Librarian Mrs. Alice Osborne, the students browsed through book selections in a variety to genres, searched the EBSCOhost databases, and consulted authentic online research sources to immerse themselves in the lives of their “person” and create works based on their inquiries: poems, diaries, letters, and personal reflections of the experience. The results were phenomenal, a distinctive blending of history and literature.

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