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​Kelvin and DMCI Students Present Results on their Solar Energy Research

The Solar Energy Research mini-conference will be presented on Thursday, May 30 in the lecture theatre, room 206 Buller, at Fort Garry campus from 7-9 pm. All are welcome. Students from Kelvin and DMCI will present a background and the results of their project.

For the third year, a group of Kelvin students have joined University of Manitoba professors and researchers to work on a solar energy project. The goal is to use water as fuel to generate electricity. The proposed apparatus would use solar energy to convert water into stored hydrogen fuel. This SHArK (Solar Hydrogen Activity Research Kit) Group has met at DMCI every Thursday since October.

The students’ part of the project was to test the metal oxides used as catalysts for the reaction. The goal is to find cheap, abundant materials that will work efficiently in this reaction. The students created metal oxide samples and used a scanning laser to measure the photocurrent.



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