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Reach for the Top - Provincial Champions


Kelvin's Senior Reach for the Top team won the Provincial Championship at the finals tournament hosted at Kelvin this year. Teams from Deloraine, Carberry, Winkler, the Maples, Saint Paul's and Saint John's-Ravenscourt all met their match against Kelvin's five players, who won every game they played that day.

To cap off their trophy winning performance, Kelvin's Reach for the Top team were invited to take part in a celebrity match at Winnipeg City Hall, featuring members of Winnipeg's media (including CBC, Metro and Free Press journalists) and Mayor Samuel Katz as Quiz Master. The result: another victory for École Kelvin's Reach for the Top titans of trivia!

Kelvin Reach Team members Sam A., John M. and Nigel S. (Grade 11) along with George P. and Ian S. (Grade 12) have been invited, along with coaches John Martens and Raymond Sokalski, to travel to Toronto for the National Finals of Reach for the Top to be taped and televised nationally, beginning on May 23rd, 2014.  

Kelvin's Reach Team is looking for sponsors to help cover the cost of their trip to Toronto for the Nationals; you can help! Contact to find out how you can "Send Kelvin to the National Finals"... 
Want to try your hand at answering some of the questions Kelvin's Reach players tackled successfully? Sample a few below.
1. What's the last name of directors Joel and Ethan, known for such films as "The Big Lebowski" and "Fargo"?
2. What am I? I have a population of around 39 million, extending from seacoast to desert. In 1830, France invaded and colonised me. In 1962, I achieved independence.
3. Who am I? I was a famous American architect of the last century, highly regarded for my original thinking on structures and their social applications. I am the inventor of the geodesic dome, represented by the pavilion I designed for the 1867 Montréal World's Fair.
4. In what part of the body are the metatarsal bones found?
5. How many of the "orginal six" NHL teams were located in Canada?
6. Name the American President who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906.
7. What film, released in 1941, was the début for director Orson Welles?
8. If 2 angles of a triangle are 55 degrees and 65 degrees, what is the measure of the third angle?
9. What plant is the national emblem of Ireland?
10. Which Canadian coloratura soprano of international stature has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala and has sung opposite Placido Domingo and Renée Fleming?



 Provincial Champions 2014


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