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Treaty Number 5 Role Play

Students in Immersion française Histoire canadienne classes re-enacted the negotiation and signing of Treaty Number 5, which took place at Rossville (Norway House) in 1875. Present were Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Alexander Ross (in top hat & robe), Métis Minister of Agriculture, James McKay, as well as Cree representatives Chief Rundle and Counsellors Papasekwanape, Coustatag and Cochrane. Each student in class portrayed an actual historical figure living in the Cree community at the time of the signing. Students learned about the pressures faced by the residents due to declining fur trade, the decimation of the buffalo and the divisions created during negotiations (i.e. whether to re-locate to Fisher River, whether the Métis should be included, etc.) The role play took place over three days and is used to develop students' public speaking skills and empathy with those who lived through key moments in Canadian History.

 Treaty Number 5


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