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Book Buffet

With over 18,000 books in the Kelvin Library (almost 4,000 items in Fiction alone – in English, French and Spanish), how can one possibly choose what to read? How about a Book Buffet? Ms. Rachel Wall, with the help of Teacher-Librarian Mrs. Alice Osborne, presented her Grades 9 and 12 English classes with a unique way of selecting books for their independent reading assignments.
Mrs. Osborne selected books representative of several literary genres. Students spent a few minutes at each table in rotation to look at several books. The students determined the genre, read a page from at least one book, and determined the interest and difficulty levels based on the cover and reading one page. The “mystery” genres were revealed at the end of the class and students chose a book to borrow from the Library. Piloted experimentally in Ms. Wall’s Grade 9 classes, the assignment now includes Grade 12 Literary and Transactional Forms classes. The assignment will be extended to include non-fiction selections beyond the biography/personal memoir category. This fall, Ms. Krista DeVos and Ms. Andrea Murray expanded the assignment to include Grade 11 classes.
Ms. Kim Brown approached the book selection dilemma with Book Speed-dating. Students browsed tables of books to choose one they would like to “date”.
The Book Buffet/Speed-dating assignments exposed students to genres and authors they might not have thought to look at before, and gave them a more directed method of choosing a book other than aimlessly browsing the shelves.
Book circulation in Kelvin’s Library increased by 19% last year. Initiatives like these projects help encourage students to develop and extend their leisure reading habits.

 Book Buffet


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