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Chasse aux trésors

Field trip in Saint Boniface

On October 3rd, a nippy, cloudy day, grade 12 students in the IB programme lead their fellow grade 10 IBs in a cut-throat competition. 

The treasure hunt took place in St. Boniface where five groups ran into several locations based on clues given to them before the activity, as well as a map.  Though the weather was cold and the wind unforgiving, each group enjoyed a hot lunch at restaurants such as Café 22, Chez Sophie, and Garage Café.   The students who participated not only had the chance to practice their French, but the winners enjoyed a free pizza party! 

Bonne chance to future hunters, welcome to IB; competition and quick thinking is everything.

~ Angelica C.

 Chasse aux trésors: Field trip in Saint Boniface


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