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Kelvin on the Red River Mutual Trail

Kelvin High School Graphics Design students won a spot on the Red River Mutual Trail with their innovative locomotive-inspired warming hut design. The following article was featured in November 26, 2014 Winnipeg Free Press.

"The international scope of this competition is really quite amazing," said Paul Jordan, Chief Executive Officer of The Forks Renewal Corporation.

The sixth annual competition stands out this year because three of the installations that aren’t huts.

"With the competition being in its sixth year, an art installation category was added to the contest to allow for more unique designs," reporters were told at a press conference Wednesday.

One, from a Norwegian firm that aced a winning entry in 2012, will feature a gigantic ice sculpture of a fish and a fishing rod. To get the scale of the design entitled "This Big," the local production firm that works with visiting architects expects to use a telephone pole for the rod.

"It’s interesting, every single one of them has been exuberant about coming here in January in the coldest week of the year and we deliberately chose that week because it is the coldest week of the year," Jordan told reporters.

For the first time, local high school students will design a hut.

Kelvin High School students will put together a hut that is reminiscent of the train engine that’s showcased at Assiniboine Park. The other student entry is from the stalwart entrant, the University of Manitoba, back this year with a mirrored cube. It’s a playful voyeuristic design to reflect images around it, including yours if you ski or skate up to it.

The length of the trail varies each year, depending on ice conditions. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized it as the longest skating rink in the world in 2008 when it extended 8.5 kilometres along the Assiniboine River and one kilometre on the Red.

RAW:almond will be back this year, bringing their unique restaurant to the trail. A separate competition in mid-August brought in submissions from around the world for the 2015 design.

Also returning will be the music series, with University of Manitoba musicians who make appearances along the trail at the huts.

Construction is expected to start in early January and weather permitting, the huts will be on the trail by the third week of January.

The huts are a highlight of The Forks programming for the Arctic Glacier Winter Park, which also includes the Plaza skating rink, an Olympic sized skating rink, 1.2 kilometres of ice trails, a snowboard park and a toboggan run.

On the river in 2015

Recycling Words

Competition winner: Fifty recycled chairs and 50 pairs of recycled skis fastened together and painted neon pink with unique words stencilled on the back. People can push, pull, sit or glide on them.  By KANVA, Montreal.

The Hole Idea

Competition winner: A large, bright, yellow, 10-foot diameter hole located in a 35-foot long snow drift. By Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited, Toronto.

This Big

Competition winner: An "ice sculpture, a big toy" resembling a fish and fishing rod.  By Tina Soli & Luca Roncoroni, Dorebak Akershus, Norway.

The Hybrid Hut

By invitation: Described as "creating new hybrids through computer-aided design and traditional craftsmanship," sketches of the hut appear to resemble a spiral constructed of slats of wood. By Rojkind Arquitectos, Mexico.

Mirror Cloaking

One-way mirrors and polished stainless steel panels create a mirror box.  By University of Manitoba.


The annual pop-up resturant this year features "clashing geometries inspired by the joining of the rivers." Constructed of repeated scaffolding-type square frames with a fabric skin.


Inspired by a locomotive, has five "monolithic faces that intersect to create a well-protected meeting place."  Designed and constructed by Kelvin High School.

Source: Paul, Alexandra. "Winning Designs for 2015 Warming Huts Unveiled." Winnipeg Free Press 26 Nov. 2014, online  ed., Local sec.: 1. Web.


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