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Kelvin students, led by co-presidents Hannah L and Dale D-B, took part in a public demonstration for Unity and Equality in the streets of downtown Winnipeg.  The event was the START rally:  Students Together Against Racism Today.  The event was a response to the recent cover story featuring Winnipeg as the racist capital of Canada. 

Kelvin students met together to create signs with positive messages (a Cree proverb, a statement on Community and on racism) and braved the Winterpeg temperatures (with windchills of -40 degrees), to take public transit to the Manitoba Legislature.  Once there, they joined over 1000 students from 17 different Winnipeg high schools who listened to testimonials and calls for positive action from Provincial Cabinet Minister Kevin Chief (who comes to speak to Kelvin students next week). 

Then they took to the streets, marching 5 kilometres and greeting stalled motorists with chants and festive posters.  Congratulations to Kelvin reps Diana E., Vida E., Moira S., Nikki B., Nell P., Jaden S. and our noble co-presidents for taking a step towards promoting Community.


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