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Euro-trippers Aid Refugee Children


Kelvin Euro-trippers studied the economic crisis facing the countries they were visiting, as well as the recent migrant crisis caused, in part, by the civil war in Syria.  This inspired them to contact Tour Director Antonis Psarras with the hopes of reaching out to displaced children and their families currently seeking asylum in Greece.  
Psarras applauded the students idea to make the trip more than an opportunity to study and to tour.  After contacting a friend who works for the Red Cross in Athens, the Tour Director suggested Kelvin students and staff collect teaching and play materials in large freezer bags; crayons, colouring books, erasers, stickers, etc.  
Students also donated their EF Tours backpacks to the migrant families that they could use in their journey to safety.  Shortly after our return, we received these images of Syrian children making use of the materials donated by Kelvin students -- a heartwarming post-scriptum to our Ulyssian journey!

Read more about the 2016 Greece and Italy trip here.


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Kelvin Aids Syrian Children in Greece

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