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Indigenous Issues Reading Circle

Kelvin students and staff were featured in a CTV news report highlighting the work being done in the Indigenous Issues Reading Circle, recently.  Approximately, thirty staff from all subject areas and about 15 students from grades 10 through 12 are members, meeting periodically to discuss contemporary works of fiction and non-fiction featuring an Indigenous perspective.  So far, the Indigenous Reading Circle has read and discussed John Ralston Saul's The Comeback, Thomas King's The Inconvenient Indian and Wab Kinew's The Reason You Walk
CTV journalist Eleanor Koopsamy's report highlighted what students were gaining from taking part in the Reading Circle. Grade 11 Immersion française student Molly I. observed that:  "Just because you think you know (the history of First Nations) doesn't mean you know the WHOLE story and you don't know everyone's perspective of the story."  The goal of the Reading Circle is, indeed, to provoke thought and discussion around Canadian society's journey with First Nations and Indigenous peoples, and to provide tools for students and teachers alike to share the insights they've gained from the works studied. 
In addition, the Social Studies Department, led by Department Head Chris Young, has organized a Speaker Series in which hundreds of Kelvin students from all grade levels have had the opportunity to listen to and question community leaders such as youth community activist Michael Champagne, Member of Parliament Robert Falcon-Ouellette, and University of Winnipeg educator Kevin Lamoureux, among others.  Plans are to study the works of Katherena Vermette (poet) and David Robertson (graphic novelist and Kelvin alumnus) and welcome author Wab Kinew in the Spring. 
To find out more about the Indigenous Issues Reading Circle, contact Monsieur Sokalski ( or Mr. Young (


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