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Michael Champagne


On December 2nd, 2015, Michael Champagne visited Kelvin High School. He gave an inspiring talk to about 500 Kelvin students and teachers in the gym. Mr Champagne shared ideas to Kelvinites about how one can get involved in their community and how we should all embrace our talents to affect positive change. He also discussed the violation of basic human rights at Shoal Lake 40 as well as the issue of racism in our city. After the talk, hundreds of Kelvin students signed a petition that asks the City of Winnipeg to financially support the building of Freedom Road. The road would connect Shoal Lake 40 with the TransCanada Highway and would give the people of Shoal Lake 40 access to clean drinking water.


Mr Champagne is the founder of AYO! Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, a youth movement that has been breaking stereotypes and creating opportunities since 2010. He is a community organizer and public speaker who has traveled across Canada sharing his ideas and strategies with youth, leaders and educators. One of his most notable accomplishments is "Meet Me At The Bell Tower" an anti-violence group which has gathered every Friday on Selkirk Avenue in Winnipeg's North End for the last four years. "Meet Me At The Bell Tower" recently received this year's Manitoba Human Rights Award. This past September, Michael was also named by Time Magazine as one of six Next Generation Leaders making a difference in their communities.


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Michael Champagne Speaks to Kelvin Students

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