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Student Vote 2015


Kelvin students joined more than 600,000 high school and university students across Canada in Student Vote 2015. Student Vote is a parallel election for students under the voting age, coinciding with the October 19 federal election.  The purpose is to provide young Canadians with an opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and build the habits of informed and engaged citizenship.  Since 2003, 26 Student Vote programs have been conducted across Canada. 
Voter turnout in Canada has been declining for decades at all levels elections, particularly among young people.Studies have also shown that habits of voting and non-voting persist over time, so if young people don’t vote now, there is good reason to believe that they won’t become voters later in life.  By practicing the habits of informed and engaged citizenship at an early age, students will be more inclined and prepared to participate in our democracy when they graduate high school.
Turnout was quite heavy even for advanced polling on October 16, with 10% of the entire student population casting their ballot.  Volunteers from Kelvin's human rights collective, HASTA (Hopeful, Aware Students Taking Action) helped as Scrutineers for the élection, as did grade 9 Immersion française students of Canada dans le monde contemporain.


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