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Tipi Keepers

Kelvin Tipi Keepers group recently visited the Manitoba Museum to take part in a program designed specifically for Kelvin, centred around the values, symbolism, and design of the Plains Lakota Tipi.  École secondaire Kelvin is in possession of its own classroom sized tipi, which students are planning to formally dedicate as a 'teaching lodge' in a ceremony to take place on November 16th at the school.  

Kelvin Tipi Keepers is open to all students in grades 9 through 12 interested in learning about the Tipi and its teachings, with a view to eventually becoming interpreters and workshop leaders in taking Kelvin's tipi to other district schools.  For more information contact Mme Gougeon, Mr. Marriott or Monsieur Sokalski.


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Kelvin Tipi Keepers

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