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AsiaPAC Heritage Symposium

Kelvin Asia Pacific Studies at Asian Heritage Symposium

Kelvin Asia Pacific scholars from grades 9 through 12 took part in the 15th annual Asian Heritage Symposium at the University of Winnipeg, recently.  The 35 scholars joined students from five other local high schools who have Asian clubs to spend the day immersing themselves in eastern cultures and networking with Asian Canadian professionals.  The day was organized by Art Miki (Order of Canada), who started the day off with a lesson on Asian Canadian history (in which he played a leading role in the aftermath of Japanese Canadian internment during World War 2).  Kelvin students took part in T'ai Chi, Japanese collage & Koreshi dolls, Indian henna tattooing, manga and more.  Kelvin offers the only multi-level Asia Pacific Studies program at the secondary school level in Manitoba.  For more information, contact


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