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Debating Democracy - "Canada in the Contemporary World

Students of grade 9 Sciences humaines engaged in classic parliamentary debate recently as part of their course Canada dans le monde contemporain.       Immersion française students debated five resolutions which included:

  • lowering the voting age to 16 years
  • replacing the system of constitutional monarchy with a republic and a ceremonial president.
  • adopting the proportional representation as a replacement for the first-past-the-post electoral system
  • establishing a maximum salary in Manitoba: 15 times the pay of the lowest paid employee in an organization or private enterprise
  • establishing 18 years as the legal age at which cannibis can be bought and liberalizing retail outlets where cannibis can be sold

Each student prepared two speeches -- for and against their chosen resolution -- and improvised rebuttals and answers to Members during Question Period, as well as taking on duties as Speaker of the House.

These civic scholars are also looking forward to hearing back from elected representatives about letters they recently sent on topics ranging from gentically modified canola to binary gender questions on government forms and Kelvin's 2nd gymnasium.  For more information, contact 


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